What happens when I block someone?

We've introduced a new feature that allows our community to block other members of the community (labels/artists/promoters)!

Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you better understand this feature:

Why was blocking introduced?
While we carefully vet every label account application and approve only a small percentage of requests, we recognize that not every label, promoter, or artist may be a good fit for you. To empower our community to curate their own experience on the platform, we introduced the blocking feature, which enables users to choose whom they want to interact with.

The feature addresses concerns raised by users who have experienced negative behavior on the platform, such as spammy actions by labels/promoters or rude behavior during interactions, etc. By blocking or reporting a user, LabelRadar admins also gain better oversight into which accounts should be reviewed for potential further action.

How do I block someone?
To block another user on LabelRadar, click on their profile and select the "Block User" option. Once blocked, the user will no longer be able to view your content on LabelRadar.

If a label or promoter blocks an artist what happens?

When you block an artist, the artist will no longer be able to see you in their 'submit to' list or submit to you. Additionally, their submissions will be hidden from you in General Submissions, their profile will not show in your watchlist or discover artists page and any existing chats with the artist will be archived

If an artist blocks a label or promoter what happens?
The label or promoter will not be able to add your profile to their Artist Watchlist, discover your profile on the Discover Artists page, or see any of your ‘One to Many’ submissions. You will no longer see them in your lists or opportunities they launch. Existing chats will be archived.