Can I use LabelRadar for free as an Artist?

Can I use LabelRadar for free as an artist?"

Absolutely! At LabelRadar, we believe that every artist should have access to valuable tools and resources to help boost their music career, regardless of financial constraints. That's why we offer the Lite plan for free, which provides essential tools to get you started. With the Lite plan, you'll receive five free credits per month, and you can increase this number by inviting your friends, winning opportunities, redeeming bonuses, and more. Plus, as an added benefit to submitting on LabelRadar, we offer a '30 Day Listen Guarantee or Your Credits Back' policy.

Why should I try PRO?

Consider upgrading to LabelRadar PRO subscription for even more features and benefits to help boost your music career! PRO members get access to exclusive benefits such as Skip The Queue, which ensures that your tracks always appear first for labels and industry professionals, allowing you to get faster responses. With PRO, you'll also be able to access your Artist Watchlist placements, so you can see which labels have added your profile and keep track of your progress.

But that's not all! PRO allows you to personalize your profile with a custom background image to make it even more standout. You'll also be able to see who's viewed your profile, giving you valuable insights into your audience. And if you need to update an existing submission with a newer version or adjust the 20-second preview clip, no problem - PRO members get that option too.

With 70 credits added to your balance every month, you'll have even more opportunities to submit your tracks to labels, promoters, and other opportunities. Upgrading to LabelRadar PRO will unlock a world of possibilities and take your experience to the next level with exclusive features and benefits. Why not give it a try and see how LabelRadar PRO can help take your music career to the next level? You'll be in good company.