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Discover how LabelRadar is changing the game for artists everywhere! These success stories showcase how the platform helped artists achieve their goals, from getting discovered by their favorite labels to gaining new fans and exposure. Join our global artist community and who knows - you could be the next to achieve success with LabelRadar!


"I've been working very hard on my craft lately and LabelRadar has absolutely changed the game for me. I decided to challenge myself as a producer and create a new remix every single week this year. As a result, I was looking to enter a few remix contests along the way and when I saw the contest for 'The Business' by Tiësto, I immediately downloaded the stems. The prize package was epic and the opportunity was huge so I really doubled down on my strengths for this remix. And WOW did it ever pay off! My remix was selected as the winning submission and now I have an official remix of one of the titans of electronic music! I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.

I really appreciate the LabelRadar environment and the opportunities they have created for artists such as myself. Cheers to good vibes and good tunes."
- Sparkee

Roy Knox

"I was in that place where it felt impossible to get my music out there, until I came across LabelRadar. Since I started using it, I got my first track signed within just a few days. That first track then got me on a roll and a few more of my tracks were signed, which raised my motivation significantly.

A few months later I got the opportunity to participate in the 'Track & Build' competition which opened a whole new door for me as I won a collaboration with Koven and released on NCS. LabelRadar helped me a lot to get to where I am now, and will certainly continue to help me achieve my future goals."
- Roy Knox

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of (Backup) Monday - Artist Testimonial

“LabelRadar is the perfect solution when dealing with demo submissions. Sent my track to Armada through the platform and it ended up getting picked up by Armin van Buuren himself and released on his label Armind! I would like to personally thank the LR team for the awesome platform!”
- Scorz


"LabelRadar has been huge for us. We ended up getting our first release with Enter Records (UMG/ESL) via LabelRadar. That track turned out to be our first release to hit over 1+ million streams on Spotify and led us to start a great partnership with the label.

We had tried to get in with Enter from many different avenues at first, but LabelRadar got us right through! Seriously a no-brainer to use this platform."
- Medii


"In an artist's journey, 'no' is one of the most frequent answers you get used to in the long run. Well LabelRadar has been the starting point of our 'yes' journey. We signed our first two tracks with Blanco y Negro as BWSK (Babz Wayne and StereoKilla) and we are grateful for what this platform has made for us."
- StereoKilla

Jade Key

"I've been self-releasing songs for a year. Writing a song is fun, but I had a very hard time promoting it. Then I started pitching my songs through LabelRadar, which I found by chance. The first song I pitched was ‘Ransom (feat. Mary Sweet)', and fortunately, I was signed by 99Lives. For the first time, I saw so many people listening to my songs. It was a very magical moment. After that, more than ten songs were signed by various labels such as Magic Music, Frequency, and Diversity, and I gained many new fans. Don't waste time promoting your song - upload it to LabelRadar. It will help you achieve your music goals!"
- Jade Key


“We’ve been using LabelRadar for a short while and can honestly say it’s an amazing platform for producers who are trying to get their music heard by the right people. They offer great opportunities and we can’t thank them enough for helping us get a release on Big Beat through one of their high profile remix competitions!”
- Valiant


"Submitting to labels is a scary, overwhelming process for many artists starting out. There are so many questions like: What email do I submit to? Is this submission form still active? Is anyone even listening to my demo or is it just lost in the shuffle?

LabelRadar simplifies this process and takes the anxiety out of submitting to labels. So far I have had two successful releases through LabelRadar, including "Sedative" on UFO Recordz and "Night Terrors" on Diversity Recordings via Diverge Music Group. The process was super smooth. Later, after building a relationship with UFO Recordz, I actually released another track with them. 10/10 would recommend LabelRadar for new and upcoming artists."
- Kittrix



"When I participated in the DIM MAK remix contest, initially I wasn’t focusing on submitting what I was going to create; it was just a fun way for me to work on a new project. The song was done on the same day, and I was flattered by the end result. It convinced me to submit the song anyway. I ended up winning the contest and signing a record deal with Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK, an opportunity I never expected to get from this situation. The song has now been streamed over 750,000 times, has been supported by Steve Aoki himself, and has been promoted on DubstepGutter (YouTube promo channel). It’s crazy how opportunities like these can boost an artist’s career, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to participate in an event like this."


"LabelRadar literally makes it so much easier to submit demos. I used to send endless emails and submissions which was very time consuming and with no to little success. I love the fact that now you have one platform where you can reach many Labels/Blogs. I sent in my new collaboration and it got signed by Blanco y Negro. We are beyond happy and LabelRadar is officially my #1 go to place. Thank you LabelRadar team for this incredible opportunity!"
- Tenaj


"LabelRadar is the best place for young artists to be discovered and be heard by a wide variety of labels, even if they have no contacts in the industry at all yet.

With LabelRadar I was able to sign one of my early songs very fast to a label I didn‘t even think of submitting to in the first place. And to this day it is still my most streamed song on Spotify with 1.5 million streams! I recommend LabelRadar to everybody who still struggles to get in contact with the right labels, it will be a game changer!“
- Rammor​


"Thanks to LabelRadar I’ve started relationships with some of the top labels such as Magic Music, UFO Recordz, Bite This, Blanco Y Negro & Monsterwolf Music. Releasing 3+ singles with Magic Music eventually led to releasing on 4 singles on Tribal Trap records as well!"
- JackEL


"LabelRadar literally changed my vision of the demo submission process and helped my music career reach another level by signing with NCS a year ago. Thanks to this incredible opportunity team of LabelRadar!"
- Coopex


"LabelRadar is a really useful tool for upcoming artists to build connections with labels/promoters and find opportunities. Finding contacts to submit to is always difficult for upcoming artists in this industry, but LabelRadar makes this process easy and clear. I've been using LabelRadar for a long time, up to now I've already signed tracks with Atlantic Records, Sirup Music, Blanco y Negro Music, Magic Records and more... It provides a platform for you to get your tracks heard by labels directly, and it truly gives you incredible opportunities to get signed by your dream labels."
- Kurasaki

Antoine Cara

"Using LabelRadar as a PRO member gave me great opportunities to connect with many labels and get my music career started. I was able to get one of my songs signed with ASRA Records, which helped me get the attention of bigger labels such as Ultra Music. I have now released 3 songs with Ultra Music!

LabelRadar was the starting point of my involvement in the music business and I would recommend it to any new and up and coming artist to use the platform as a way to step foot in the music business."
- Antoine Cara


"LabelRadar helped me for two recent releases on labels I always wanted to release on such as Ensis records and Sirup records.

This pushed me to produce more tracks and to recently win the contest with Isabel Higuero! The opportunities are massive and the ease of submitting songs is definitely what stands out with LabelRadar. Highly recommend it. 🙂"
- Blines


"My life changed when I found out about LabelRadar. With this platform, I have gained many listeners who love my music. When my single 'Combo' was signed to The Arcadium and received good feedback from TheFatRat, I found out that so many more people want to listen to my music than I thought before. LabelRadar gave me a great opportunity. I highly recommend you to try this platform and you will never regret it. LabelRadar is definitely one of the best platforms for upcoming producers. Thank you LabelRadar for helping me take a huge step towards my dream!"
- Becku

Amanda Darling

"LabelRadar helped me sign my song 'Captured' to Progressive Vibes Music. The single ended up reaching #2 on the Beatport Global Trance Top 100 chart which led to the song being remixed 7 times. The remix EP reached #1 on Beatport Global Trance releases. I would never have been able to achieve this without LabelRadar’s assistance. I had spent untold hours sending my productions to the flooded email inboxes of music labels. Usually I would receive no feedback and I never knew whether the label has even listened to my song or not.

LabelRadar made it so much easier to get genuine feedback, and a clear yes or no from the labels I submitted to. I recommend this website to anyone who is serious about moving forward with releasing their music in a bigger way. Not only do you get to submit to many of the top labels, but you can also discover smaller, actively growing labels that can help you take a step up the ladder. Thanks, LabelRadar!”
- Amanda Darling


"LabelRadar was a game changer. It's the tool that allowed me to easily join labels even if I had no contact. I was able to sign my first track with NCS and that's when the adventure really started!"
- Max Brhon

Jack Shore

"I remember trying to get one of my songs signed to a label being such a frustrating and daunting task. LabelRadar definitely changed this for me by assuring me that the label will always listen to my demos so I can be confident that they actually properly listened. The platform helped me find a home for several of my Tracks to date. Signing through labels like 'The Arcadium' and 'HEXAGON' kick-started and boosted my career as a musician and artist. So many thanks to the LabelRadar Team!"
- Jack Shore


"It is not always easy to establish contact with labels, especially as an upcoming artist it is very difficult. When I first came across LabelRadar, I was absolutely impressed. LabelRadar is an incredible platform, it offers exactly what you need as an artist. LabelRadar makes sure that my music is heard and that I get immediate feedback from labels. I was speechless when I did a remix for a competition and a few days later I got the message that I had won. LabelRadar can open so many doors for you, I can only recommend everyone to take advantage of this opportunity."
- Pandapush


"Obviously, nowadays it’s extremely hard to get heard with your own music. It’s hard to believe, but now, newcomers stay mostly rejected in music industry. A couple of years ago I was the same, in the same situation and LabelRadar became a real solution for me. Thanks to LabelRadar, I signed one of my first tracks on label and it helped me to get heard by top producers all over the world such as Alan Walker, Don Diablo, Yves V, Lucas & Steve and many other worldwide famous producers.

Now, music is my full-time job, and I’m extremely grateful to LabelRadar for helping me to achieve my music production goals and get heard by my idols."
- Depdramez​


“I signed my first track using LabelRadar some years ago, since then I've signed tracks with awesome labels like Blanco y Negro using the platform.”
- Alleko

Hector Cryo
"I was already kind of familiar with the platform since about a year ago. I had a feeling this platform would be it for 'testing myself' in terms of musical exposure. However, I really hesitated to go all in with the PRO as I thought my music was not up to par... yet. And then what do you know? A few months in, and I got not one, not two - FIVE contracts, all with different killer labels! All I gotta say is, from the bottom of my blood-pumping heart, thank you LabelRadar and its amazing community! Stay blessed!"
- Hector Cryo
"Starting out I had no music industry connections, so I utilized remix competitions as a way to produce with high quality vocals and better my production skills. LabelRadar was always the place I came for the highest quality remix competitions. Through them I was able to make connections with the artists and labels hosting the competitions and get releases I never would have been able to get. As a young artist it's incredibly hard to get your foot in the door with other artists, singers and labels but LabelRadar swung those doors right open for me. Now I'm releasing my own original music with those same labels."
- PatFromLastYear
Urban Francis
"Being a LabelRadar Pro Member has given me direct access to some of the top Electronic Music labels on the planet. The Track 'Dark Waters', that I signed to Blacktone, saw my Spotify Artist page Radically increase by 10,000% in traffic in its first month."
- Urban Francis
Chance The Closer
"LabelRadar has completely changed my life for the better. I was first signed to Big Tunes Records and that gave me the confidence in my sound to pursue music production full time. A few months later I was also signed to Blanco y Negro and my streams on all platforms increased exponentially almost overnight. LabelRadar is the perfect place for music submissions and is an incredible resource for new and established artists alike!"
- Chance The Closer
Isabel Higuero

"This platform is exactly what’s needed for all independent artists and labels. It offers countless of opportunities to ALL, no matter your experience, you have a shot of being heard by the powerhouses fuelling the electronic music scene. It’s simple and user-friendly, allowing all users to collaborate and communicate efficiently. There is no other platform out there that I know of that offers this level of calibre."
- Isabel Higuero

Jesus O.G

"For me, LabelRadar is one of the best platforms to generate job and business opportunities with great Labels. Thanks to them, I had the opportunity to sign my track 'My Life' in collaboration with NOD and Soaring Souls in Ninety9Lives, I never imagined how fast it can be to send and receive notifications of your demos through LabelRadar, they have evolved a lot of the music industry. I hope to continue representing my country Ecuador in the industry and I heartily thank LabelRadar for existing!"
- Jesus O.G

Kilgo Beats

"Trying to get my music heard seemed daunting until I found LabelRadar. I submitted a few tracks of mine on the platform and woke up one day to see multiple labels on the site were interested. Needless to say, within a couple of weeks my track was signed. After finishing a song or EP everyone dreads the following next steps of getting your music released on legitimate label.

LabelRadar has really helped with this frustrating process by pulling together all the right resources to help get you to the next step in your career. I can’t thank this team enough for creating a solution to a very big problem in releasing music these days." 
- Kilgo Beats

Arthur Martinelli
"Last time I used the platform I found a contest and was selected as a runner up! I'm using my prize, the samples that I won, in a new track for one of their collab challenges. Hope I win! If you're looking for a challenge I definitely recommend checking them out."
- Arthur Martinelli
"I can say my career as a worldwide artist began from LabelRadar. In the last 3 years there were many opportunities and some achievements like Winning 2nd place in a remix competition, signing to Collective Label as an artist, and releasing tracks with famous labels. All of these came through this platform. Without LabelRadar, I would still spend lots of time searching for labels, sending my demos, and waiting for replies, not knowing if they will listen or not. LabelRadar gave me a desirable environment to lock in making tracks!"
- Filory
"One of the toughest challenges for aspiring producers is breaking into the scene with that first big signing. There's this limbo where you feel the music is good enough but you can't seem to cut through the noise using typical demo-drop emails. That's where LabelRadar comes in -- It bridges the gap between label and artist and allows your music to be heard by the right people. Take me as an example - I launched a new alias and was able to sign tracks to labels with massive followings like The Arcadium and Diverge Music Group within weeks of uploading them onto the platform.

The best part is now that those doors have been opened, I feel like my music has finally found a home. This would never have happened without LabelRadar, so I recommend it to every other producer out there."
- Razzix​
DJ Scorpio
"LabelRadar helped me to share my music with many big labels. I used it as a PRO member and it’s changed my life. I released many tracks and did more than a million streams on Spotify with LabelRadar!"
- DJ Scorpio
"My name is Bruuj and I have 3 songs signed to Blanco Y Negro music. One song is released and I have two releases next month.

My cousin passed away from a drug overdose earlier this year. I was lost, full of depression and sadness. I thought about how I could break from from this overwhelming feeling. I started writing music and sending demos on LabelRadar. Blanco Y Negro has signed 3 of my works since then. I want to channel these feelings to inspire people and make them dance. LabelRadar has given me that opportunity to be heard and to improve. I sent a lot of demos before I finally I got my first release. I want upcoming artists to know that it’s possible to turn darkness into light. You can turn that sadness into a melody. You can do it! Never give up and keep throwing songs out there. Given time and feedback you’re bound to improve!"
- Bruuj


"LabelRadar is one of the most important resources in the music industry for independent artists right now without a doubt. It succeeds at simplifying the label submission process and providing incredible unique opportunities that have opened amazing doors for us! We were thrilled to see a remix contest for one of our favourite bands Grouplove, and were able to download the stems and get to work instantly while we were full of inspiration. Our remix won and received promotion from the legendary Atlantic Records which was a huge goal for us. We’re so grateful for the platform and the opportunities they continue to provide!"
Mark Pettitt
"Trying to get my music heard seemed impossible until I found LabelRadar. I submitted a track of mine on the platform and woke up one day to see one the biggest labels on the site was interested. Needless to say, within a couple of weeks my track was signed. I am so grateful to LabelRadar for helping me reach the right people and for kickstarting my music career!"
- Mark Pettitt
Tommy TraX
"What a great way to get your name out there and start getting the recognition for the songs that you believe in! As a musician I always wanted to get my music out there and have my music heard but never really knew where to start, how do I get signed and what label will be the best fit? These where my thoughts but the cool thing about LabelRadar is that it gives you a portfolio of a list of labels with all different types of genres that you can connect with, contact, hear your music and actually help you as an artist get your name out there.

For me I’ve now had 3 songs signed through LabelRadar now. My first song HALO to Wight Label Records, my second song SPACED to Smile Creations that got onto the Beatport dance charts hitting number 19! And Lastly my most recent track Let It Burn which was signed with Basement records only two months ago and has hit over 80,000 streams on Spotify! Honestly I would like to thank LabelRadar for creating this platform to help new musicians get heard and if you are a fan of House music go and check out my latest track that’s keeping everyone dancing through Covid!"
- Tommy TraX

“Hosting my remix contest on LabelRadar was fire. Super intuitive & great support thru the whole process!”
- chillpill


"As a band, we all know it's really hard to reach labels and promoters. LabelRadar changed it all for us. In the span of 2 months we were able to sign 2 remixes with FiXT, a label we were trying to reach for years.

Since that moment we gained an audience 10 times bigger than before, and it felt really amazing. Thanks to LabelRadar and all their team for the amazing work they keep doing for the artists and music industry as a whole."
- Metarmonica

Adam Jasim

"LabelRadar has made submitting to record labels not only easy, but accessible to any artist wishing to have big labels listen to their music. It’s extremely convenient having some of my favorite imprints in one place, and the PRO features are absolutely worth the investment. Some of my first signings were thanks to the LabelRadar platform. I can’t wait to see what opportunities are available next."
- Adam Jasim


"LabelRadar is literally amazing. I sent my remix to Armada through the platform and I won a remix contest. I achieved one of my dreams because of this platform so thank you so much LabelRadar for all the amazing things you do for producers and the music industry. I spent thousands of hours sending my music to email inboxes of labels. Most of the time I would receive no feedback and I never knew whether the label has even listened to my music or not. Thank you for everything!"
- Brainheart


"LabelRadar was absolutely one of the key ingredients to leveling up our music journey. When we saw that Koven Track & Build 2.0 was back we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the competition as they're someone we have always admired and have loved to watch smashing through the industry with powerhouse vocals, songwriting and emotion evoking production.

Winning the Track & Build competition with LabelRadar and landing us a release on NCS was something that we had not expected as we were just overjoyed to be chosen out of the countless world wide entries, and the trajectory that followed rocketed us to a place we had always been striving to achieve.

The result of this exposure also put us in front of the eyes of the Viper Team, who have since been our biggest cheerleaders, signing us to Viper Recordings and together forging an infinite world of opportunities in the drum & bass scene."
- V O E


"LabelRadar is really handy in a way that you can submit your demos to multiple labels that are on the platform. When I made my collaboration with Pendulum’s guitarist Peredur, I sent it to few labels and I never thought that my music would ever be released through a label like Ninety9Lives. I would highly suggest for anyone to try this platform out."
- Bliniks


"Hi LabelRadar Team, just want to let you know that I’m super thankful for what LabelRadar has done for my music career for the last 365 days on the platform. Really helped me big time, getting on great labels and expanding my audience."
Jamie Nugent
“I won the ‘Gimme Gimme’ contest by Glasgow Underground which opened a lot of doors for me!

From the first day of using LabelRadar I've found it incredibly easy to use and navigate. You're able to track who has listened to your demo as well as being able to track progress of all the demos you submit directly to the A&Rs. There's also a huge range of opportunities with contests that are total game changers.”
- Jamie Nugent
"I sent my single 'Never Let Me Go' to The Arcadium and got signed! As an independent artist, I can say LabelRadar is the best platform for connecting with big labels. Fast, easy to use and organized. In LabelRadar forget about having to send thousands of emails."

“Thanks to LabelRadar we got our first official remix and first label signing!”

Chen Boi

"One of the most tedious and toughest parts of the process of a track for me is the release, from contacting a countless number of labels, to only getting responses from a tiny portion of them. LabelRadar effectively optimizes that process and shortens the bridge between artists and labels – essentially a win-win situation for both the artist and the label.

Through LabelRadar, I found the perfect home for one of my proudest tracks ‘Pretty Good’ with Frequency Records, and have established a connection with them ever since. The site has definitely paved the way for newer and smaller artists into the music industry!"
- Chen Boi


“LabelRadar is the best thing that could have happened to us. We never dreamed of getting our music on a big label like NCS. Today’s music industry is focused on bigger artists, but with LabelRadar everybody is given a chance with their anonymous 20 second demos. The notification system gives us a heads up to show when the labels are actually listening to the music. The platform also offers big opportunities regularly and a large list of promoters. LabelRadar is a game changer because it’s truly built to help artists.“
- Simbai


"LabelRadar really helped us understand what it means to be signed by someone and how much one can gain from it. We got a lot of experience from it, and now one of our tracks has been the third most played track on the biggest EDM radio channel in Norway!"
- S O U N D S

Mo Falk

"LabelRadar really helped me starting out because it provided me with a unique way to get a foot in the door with bigger labels early on in my career!"
- Mo Falk


“It was always one of my musical goals to score a release on NCS, but it always seemed impossible without the necessary connections. Unfortunately I haven’t had any replies by the Emails which were provided to me. Then a year later, NCS announced that they started using LabelRadar - which I honestly speaking, initially was skeptical about. Still I gave it a try and started submitting demos through the platform - and received reactions for the very first times. After a couple of rejections, I scored a release “Redemption”, which NCS was keen to release.

Now this release is one of my top releases and it’s gaining huge popularity. I am very pleased with NCS and happy that I used LabelRadar, which worked out perfectly as a Getaway.”
- Besomorph

Captain Mike

"I've been producing music for 6 years and always had trouble getting a bigger audience. No one really wanted to listen to my demos or I was always rejected. Since I started using LabelRadar my tracks had a chance to be evaluated by the biggest record labels and finally one of them signed me and released my track on their 2 million follower channel. It was always my dream and I'm really happy that I didn't give up and that I found a website which helped me to get in touch with my favorite record labels."
- Captain Mike


“I love using LabelRadar! My first start into my music career really opened a lot of doors with signing music to Ninety9Lives, Bass Rebels & and a huge milestone my song Sun Showers was signed to powerhouse label Blanco y Negro the #1 label in Spain. LabelRadar really gave me that opportunity and I’m forever grateful and highly recommend!”
- Phillip Berry


"If you’re looking to get your tracks signed to a decent record label then we recommend checking out LabelRadar! The platform is easy to use and actually does what is says on the tin. It allows you to send your music directly to the label A&R teams. Simply upload your demo and send it out to one or multiple labels at the same time!"

"Everything is pretty great already 4th track signed with NCS because of the platform. Now entering the house field as i saw that Hexagon joined the platform which is exciting! 🙂”
- Ascence
"LabelRadar has certainly bridged the difficult gap between labels and artists. It's incredibly easy to send out demos to labels and promoters and receive a quick response within the next couple of days. Plus, the opportunities they offer are extraordinary ways to establish your career.

I personally have been able to successfully release with Enter Records through LabelRadar which has lead to a great connection with them. All it takes is a minute to send a demo through LabelRadar to change your career!"
- Shyloom
"Before LabelRadar, small artists like me were usually unable to get their music heard, let alone signed by established labels. Since I started using the platform, I got two tracks signed to one of the biggest EDM-labels (NCS) although I had about 200 followers on Spotify.

As I started using it more and more, I took part in a remix contest of Koven's - Gold. By sheer luck or because my remix was actually good (I'll let you decide), I won the contest and got the track signed with Monstercat. I don't think I would be where I am now without LabelRadar."
- Blooom
"LabelRadar is the best platform to get heard by big labels, I have been using it for over a year and the opportunities that they bring to us it's just insane. Just love it!"
"LabelRadar has been a staple for us since we joined. It is our go to resource for finding high quality remix competitions, sending demos to labels, and contacting promoters for song releases. Our most popular song to-date was released on a label we connected with on the platform. Life would be much more difficult without LabelRadar!"
- Ericksii
"LabelRadar is amazing, I was able to sign my music right away, it's very intuitive. It's very easy to get to the big labels where they give an answer and even a feedback in a few days. Around the web it is the only reliable one that works, I recommend it to everyone."
- Daven
"My experience with LabelRadar has been great! It’s a great platform to submit your unreleased/released tracks for the opportunity to be heard by top tier record labels and be supported by Youtube channels with a great amount of subscribers. I would highly recommend this platform for upcoming artists/producers to use it. Music is meant to be heard. Spread the love and stay creative!"
- Cabuizee
Marin Hoxha
"Thanks to LabelRadar, I was able to sign a track I did not think had the chance with a big label like NCS. Your platform made it easy for my demo to get heard and get a response back in a very short time and I am thankful for that!"
- Marin Hoxha

"LabelRadar gives me the opportunity to remix the best artists from the biggest labels. The platform is easy to work with, and let's anyone compete at the same level.

Getting your track heard can help landing an official remix, and work as a gateway to bigger things. Besides, the team at LabelRadar is super helpful!"
- Veres



"If you are an aspiring artist that doesn't know where to start, LabelRadar is a great place to get your tracks heard by hundreds of labels! I got my first track 'Triumph' signed by Big Tunes records within a couple weeks. There are lots of opportunities out there, you just need to get your tracks heard!"
- infotron
Truly High
"In the beginning it can be really tough finding labels and the right places to submit your music to. I was really happy when I found out about LabelRadar since it made music submissions super easy! I actually ended up signing a track which got support from Trap Nation and performed very well on Spotify."
- Truly High
"Being new to the music industry is pretty daunting, especially nowadays where you have to be a producer, manager, promoter, social media whiz, and 1,000 other things. So trying to get your music signed is pretty hard, especially when you’ve worked so hard on it. For me LabelRadar has been a game changer. The fact that you can upload your music and get it heard super quick by labels is incredible. And the process is so easy for artists and labels! I got my first track signed through LabelRadar on Different Records, the process was no stress and quick! Thats why I always use LabelRadar when I want a track to be heard!"
- NewKona
digital dinosaurs
"LabelRadar has vastly improved demo submissions and initial communication with labels and promoters. By having the majority of the labels I work with (and more constantly being added) all in one site, it makes it insanely fast and east to get my music heard and in the right hands, without having to type out a whole essay and email for each individual label. When you have multiple projects like me (digital dinosaurs, Brett Edwards, Winters Fallen) having enough time to write is super important, and LabelRadar has been a huge blessing for musicians and producers like me."
- digital dinosaurs
"I was surprised and happy that LabelRadar actually worked, as theres so many platforms in the world... I really thank LabelRadar - my first signed track with KHB Music (Germany). We were successful with my track 'On the Floor', and I will continue with this great record label."
Chris Burke
"One of the hardest parts of being an artist is being told no and having your tracks rejected without knowing if the label have even listened to it. Most of the time labels wouldn't even reply back to my emails! - LabelRadar has been a game changer when it comes to communicating with labels and getting solid feedback on my music. My track 'Tell Me Why' was signed by RaveUp Records through LabelRadar, it was so simple, I had direct contact with the label owner and we were able to come to an agreement within a couple of days. I highly recommend LabelRadar to all aspiring and established artists - it's fantastic!"
- Chris Burke
"I trust LabelRadar because they connect Artists and A&Rs around the world!! When I was sending demo to many labels over email it was not going well. Then I started using LabelRadar and very quickly built a relationship with a label in Germany!"
"I was suggested LabelRadar by a friend, and I am glad I did! My first signing through the platform was with Magic Music. It was 'All Alone (I need another)', a collaboration with JackEL. The song got streams like I had never had before, opening up new doors. Since then I signed solo work through Blanco y Negro, Monsterwolf, and Evoked Natives. LabelRadar has become a core part of my release process. I have made many contacts and counting. I would highly recommend it to any independent artist, and I do just that quite a bit."
- D.R.U.
Artist Success Story-1


"As a DJ/producer, working with major artists & labels is important and helps drive progress/achievements. Through LabelRadar, I was able to get my first major release on Armada Music. And equally important, it allows me to build relationships with people I respect in the industry. A big salute to LabelRadar is at hand!"
- HeyMcFly!
"For an unknown artist like me, LabelRadar has been a fantastic platform to get yourself out there, and connect with so many labels and promoters in a super easy way! There is no need for 'knowing the right people', if your music is appreciated by a label, it'll get there without any hassle.

I got a track signed to Vivifier Records UK, which gave me a taste of actually being a published producer, something which would not be possible without using this platform. And if you get rejected, or a label's not interested? You have so many choices, from established music behemoths to smaller indie labels, it's fantastic! Highly recommended from me!"
- Voltstream
Luke Beans
"After countless emails sent to several different labels over the years, I realized I needed something easier and simpler. Then I discovered LabelRadar. Already after the first upload I signed my new track 'Move your feet like this'. Everything went smoothly and professionally and I will definitely use it again in the future."
- Luke Beans
Amasonic LabelRadar
"LabelRadar has been my one and only outlet for all my productions. This platform has been extremely efficient for me as an Artist, Engineer and Producer. It has allowed me to focus strictly on making the music I love and connecting it with like-minded record labels who find specific tracks to match their sound. The system is very transparent and user friendly, enabling me to trust it with a process that is completely new to me. I'm always actively receiving great feedback as I upload the songs and have had great results with the releases along the way. Overall, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to share their music with the world and have their music available to the public."
- Amasonic
"I think LabelRadar is one of the best places on the net to connect music makers and labels. The platform is intuitive, transparent and modern, and its use is super fast, exactly to the times we live in. When I signed the first contract with Blacktone / Basement for the track 'Future Goodbyes' I immediately noticed a much greater interest in my music, the statistics soared, which only confirmed my belief that I made the best possible decision. LabelRadar makes getting noticed much easier, I highly recommend it!"
Matt Horizon
“I really want to thank you (or you guys if you are with more people), for creating this platform really. I've reached a milestone after 11 years of making music because of LabelRadar. I'm so happy that I've been mentioned in the comfortable contest, and i'm about to get my first release in December on Ninety9Lives.”
- Matt Horizon
Jake Millions
"I have tried several, diverse ways to market my music, but I’ve achieved my most successful results so far with LabelRadar. 'FAFO' was signed by Blacktone and is up to 73,000 spins on Spotify in a couple months. Five other songs have been signed and released or are currently awaiting release. Your service works well. Thank you!"
- Jake Millions
The Same Persons
"We used to try to send our tracks through the general contacts of the labels, but we never got any answers! This time we decided to send our song through LabelRadar instead. We were shocked when NCS answered us and offered to sign a contract! So far our release has received millions of views on YouTube and millions of plays around the world! HUGE thanks to LabelRadar for that. 😉"
- The Same Persons
"It's insane how much LabelRadar helped me with demo submissions. When I registered first I was skeptical about it, then I realized that even the big labels are listening to the demos. I was like 'whoaaa this is insane 🤯'. A good label discovered my music on this platform and released it. That track got over 130k streams on Spotify and I ended up with releasing 5 more songs on the label and making connections with a lot of new artists.

I would like to thank the LabelRadar team for making demo submission such an easy thing to do. LabelRadar gave the first big push to my career as a music producer, can't wait to see what's next!"
- Keyer
"Before LabelRadar, I found it both difficult to sift through multiple websites and submissions in order to submit a song, which they might not have even listened to. LabelRadar has been great in becoming my one go-to site for multiple labels, and was very happy to find success with The Arcadium, Argofox, and Diverge Music group through it!"
- Amidst
"Shoutout to LabelRadar for making all of these Opportunities possible! If you're a label, promoter or artist you should definitely check them out."

- Rubayne

“Upon submitting to LabelRadar I had ZERO social media presence. I got my debut single signed under a brand new project which just goes to show that LabelRadar and the labels involved are 100% all about the music."
- Tantok
"LabelRadar is a great platform for all levels of artists and producers looking to get their music out there. From record labels to sync/advertising companies searching for cool new sounds, they've really aligned themselves well and I look forward to continuing to work with them!"
- Chris Ramos
Travis Gillissen
"LabelRadar has had a huge impact on my career, got my first track signed with the help of LabelRadar. After the release it skyrocketed my contacts within the Music industry. For an artist who wants to make the next step in their music career and wants to put their music into the world, I would highly recommend LabelRadar! Thank you for everything!"
- Travis Gillissen
"Thanks for your services, LabelRadar is by far the best track submissions system I have seen. It's clear, practical and fast!"
"I'm grateful for LabelRadar & LR team where I've signed my first song 'To the Moon' with Connected Sounds. Since then I was able to get massive support from artists like MusicbyLukas, Sam Helix & more. It doesn't matter if you've got no contacts, LabelRadar is there to save your butt. 🙂 "
- Sadiz
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of (Backup) Monday - Artist Testimonial (5)
"LabelRadar has changed my life with regards to music production. Being a very small artist, it can be difficult to get my music out there for labels to listen to. I decided to post some music on this site just to see what would happen, and before I knew it, one of my tracks got signed with Connected Sounds, and then released on a number of different platforms. LabelRadar is the perfect platform for small artists that are trying to get their music heard by people. I highly recommend it to any type of producer, big or small!"
Nasty Beat
"LabelRadar is saving me a lot of time to get a great record deal, instead of wasting my time by emailing 1000 record labels, LabelRadar does everything for me so I have more time to focus on my productions and artistic creative ways to make the new song for the next record deal. Thanks to this I managed to sign 3 songs to 2 different major record deals in less than 2 months."
- Nasty Beat
"I’m having a total blast hosting a remix competition on LabelRadar! The platform makes it very easy for me to access a huge Artist community and efficiently go through all the demo submissions. Artists on the platform typically include their socials on their profile which makes the A&R process much more efficient."
- Sabai
Ray Le Fanue
"LabelRadar has been vital towards my artist growth. I have been using it for over a year now and the results have been phenomenal! I was signed by Ninety9Lives a few months ago, something that would have been quite hard to achieve without using the platform."
- Ray Le Fanue
Thomas Weiss
"Thanks to LabelRadar I've signed 3 records now! I truly love this site from both the artist and label perspectives!!"
- Thomas Weiss
Roads We Walk
"It's actually awesome! You just need to focus on making music and then by uploading it on LabelRadar, the right label will come to you immediately. You don't need to spend so much time sending emails to different labels."
- Roads We Walk
Dirty Sinister
"Where there is a will, there is a way... it was my dream to sign a track with a big label. LabelRadar makes it possible, and helped me a lot in achieving that. I signed 'Absolute Power' to Most Addictive through them, and hopefully the best is yet to come!"
- Dirty Sinister
"LabelRadar is probably the best place to take part in opportunities and to easily get your music heard by labels. I personally really like remix competitions, since those allow you to work with really high-quality samples and the deadline actually forces you to finish your tracks. This way remixes helped me by far the most to improve my skills as an artist so far. LabelRadar is the perfect site to participate in such competitions, since they host some of the biggest in the industry with a very streamlined system.

I recently won my first one and my remix of Konn, Sazu, Taye - Old Pray (feat. Gemmi) will be officially released via Simplify!"
- Nedud
"I always found it hard to get in contact with bigger electronic record labels. They often didn't listen to my demos or didn't reply to my emails. After i started submitting my music to record labels using LabelRadar, it didn't take long until I had my first Releases signed on bigger Labels such as The Arcadium and Magic Records, which gained lots of streams and definitely helped me growing as an artist.

For me, it's satisfying to see that nearly all demos i submit to labels through LabelRadar will eventually be heard, no matter how big the label is."
- Fakti
"LabelRadar has been a great experience for me being able to send demos at ease and having conversations with labels. I have gained a lot of experience and exposure by using the platform and recommend it to anyone pursuing music who wants to get some recognition and feedback from labels directly and easily.

From signing my tracks and entering remix contests through LabelRadar's opportunity page, I have grown so much as an artist and have shaped my workflow."
- NoVo
Sean Joseph

"LabelRadar is a great platform for developing artists to easily submit their demos to labels ranging anywhere from big to small. The website makes it easy to see which labels search for different sounds and sub genres. I’ve been grateful to have had success on here and will continue to use it for demos and promos!"
- Sean Joseph

"I'm not sure where I would be right now without LabelRadar. The platform has allowed me to work with a couple of different labels to get my name out there. While my music improves, LabelRadar opens up more opportunities. There's no better platform than LabelRadar for artists to get their music somewhere."
"Thanks to LabelRadar I was able to get my foot in the door and get signed. The 20 second preview is a great way to get heard and not overload the labels. I also appreciate the Early Backer title for being an early PRO user!"
- dj-Nate


"I submitted my remix for Seven Lions - Only Now through Label Radar’s submission portal, and it was the easiest submission portal I’ve ever used - also definitely preferred the judging format they used compared to other contest platforms. Finding out that I had won through the portal was absolutely amazing. I met Seven Lions recently at EDC Las Vegas, and I have to give credit to LabelRadar for connecting us. <3"
- Synymata
Van Maximilian
“For an independent artist, getting your music placed with labels is no easy feat. LabelRadar made it extremely easy and I was able to place my song, ‘Top of the World’, with Blacktone Music. And just in the last two months, the song now has over 100k streams on Spotify. I’m very pleased with the process and the ease at which LabelRadar facilitates placing your music with top notch labels.”
- Van Maximilian
Tom East
"I remember before I found out about LabelRadar, that it’s pretty hard contacting labels, sending tons of emails and mostly not getting a response. Using LabelRadar I managed to sign my first track with 99Lives, have a successful release and work with amazing people! I keep using the platform to this day and will continue using it for sure. Thank you to the LabelRadar team for the amazing platform you have created!"
- Tom East
Nico Cranxx
"LabelRadar is very helpful for a music producer to achieve what they are aiming for. One of them is me. A few months ago, I signed a contract with the Canadian trance label Black Sunset Music - I never thought this would happen! After that, my track was also supported by the legendary trance music 'Solarstone' which was a very extraordinary achievement for me. Thank you LabelRadar, I am very grateful!"
- Nico Cranxx
“LabelRadar is a fantastic way to connect with Labels & Promoters if you're just starting your music journey. Very user-friendly and is a fantastic way of sending demos to labels without having to go through the email route, and it means that labels will definitely listen to your tracks. I have just signed two tracks via LabelRadar and thoroughly recommend it. There is also the added bonus of opportunities for remix competitions as well so its a win-win for everybody!”
- Househeadz
RMC3 LabelRadar
"LabelRadar is a great tool for simplifying the intimidating process of sending out demos. Every label notifies you of their decision in regards to your track, with optional additional feedback, in a timely manner, which allows the process of signing the track or continuing to find a possible suitor for your song to move along much quicker. It is also a great way to find new labels, which you can look for via genre and amount of followers. 10/10 recommended to any musicians looking to release any kind of music!"
- RMC3

"Thanks to LabelRadar, I've been fortunate enough to have my first ever label release on Argofox!

In addition to label submissions, LabelRadar hosts an abundance of remix contests and unique opportunities which can be very important to new artists and producers. LabelRadar has proven to be an amazing experience and I'm excited to enter some new remix contests in the future!"
- Melad


“I think that LabelRadar is definitely one of the best platforms when it comes to connecting producers and labels. I’m new to the site and I really love the clean design and the intuitive programming on this website. Glad to be on the platform!”

Sound Of Faz

"After years of being commissioned to remix other artists tracks, 2018 was when I started making my own original music. As we all know, the process of submitting demos can be a frustrating one but when I found Label Radar I was amazed by the efficiency of it for an artist.

In Nov 2020 I had my first track signed with Blanco y Negro all from my LabelRadar demo submission so I thank them hugely for their platform which enabled me to achieve this."
- Sound Of Faz

Ky Gon Sol
"LabelRadar was the first platform I approached to get my music out there. It’s super easy and fast. I got my first track ‘Choices’ released in a couple of days! LabelRadar is also very reliable. I’m hardly worried about where my songs are going because I know LabelRadar has got it in good hands."
- Ky Gon Sol
"LabelRadar provides me with a very good platform, giving me the opportunity to let my work be heard directly by labels. Every label is trustworthy on LabelRadar. As a music producer from China, being able to release music on the German music label BringNewUnity is a thing to be proud of. It means my work can be heard by more people all over the world. The entire signing process is also professional and efficient. Thank you very much for all the help provided by LabelRadar here."
"LabelRadar is the first platform I've ever had a very significant amount of success with when it comes to submitting my music to labels. Many labels give real feedback, and on occasion give out specific pointers on how to make a song or track better. At this point I've signed multiple songs with Argofox, along with Diversity and MA Music, which enabled me to become part of communities where I have made many friends. The wave of pure excitement and joy I felt when I got my first acceptance message wanting to sign one of my songs was unparalleled.

LabelRadar has been a greatly necessary spark for the eccentric project - I recommend it enthusiastically, as it is an incredibly helpful tool for both new and established artists!"
- eccentric
"It is the perfect solution if you want a big label to listen to your demo and be interested in you, in our case we were lucky enough to sign our new song 'On Fire' with Blanco y Negro music. We are very grateful to LabelRadar for giving us this great opportunity."
"I was struggling myself to find the right label for my latest demo, so I started sending it to tons of labels. After many rejections, it looked like no labels were interested in signing my track. So, I was about to release it by myself, but I discovered the option 'One to Many' on LabelRadar. I had never tried it before so I gave it a try and... boom... only three days later I got signed by Jendex Records which I always loved!

The track will be released next year and I am so proud to be a LabelRadar user. Thanks for making my producer life way easier!" - Nck
Blanc Schwarz
"I thought signing a song with a record label was IMPOSSIBLE... I thought only big and well-known artists would have the chance to do so, but submitting demos through LabelRadar changed my mind. It gives you the opportunity either receive feedback or to sign with the label that would fit the best with your style!"
- Blanc Schwarz
Station 11
"LabelRadar has been a huge help to kick start our career. Getting our music heard has always been a struggle, but with this platform it makes it 10 times easier to contact labels we want to work with. Without LabelRadar who knows where our music would be today."
- Station 11
Fabian Soll
"I only started my musical adventure 3 years ago when I began to learn how to produce. I released my very first track myself last summer. The next track I finished I put on LabelRadar, and 2 months later I suddenly got a reply that a label was willing to sign it. It was my first ever label release, and I was so enthusiastic when I saw that message. All thanks to the amazing platform the LR team provides to all upcoming artists!"
- Fabian Soll
"Your platform is fantastic. I am a one man army with a family and a full time job. I don't have the time to write music, keep the socials up to date, and spend countless hours sending demos to labels. LabelRadar makes the latter a one stop shop and very quickly gets your music in front of a number of labels from big to small. I personally have two tracks signed through the platform which has opened the door to many others. Thank you for helping in such a crucial part of my musical journey."
- Hyper-X
Paul Bujor
“With LabelRadar it is very easy to get your music heard and skip the long waiting times of emailing demos. For me it meant getting my first two tracks released and reaching the right people for the music I make. You should definitely give it a try!”
- Paul Bujor
"Getting your music signed by established record labels always seemed like a distant idea to me, as my e-mails of demos never got any response. It left me feeling ignored, and it was demotivating. Luckily with LabelRadar, finding the right label for your music is as easy as it gets! With tons of great labels and a clean and simple interface, you can spend less time finding the right label, and more time creating the music you love."
- Evate
"LabelRadar has been a great resource to help me distribute my tracks to labels and promoters. I have the confidence to upload my tracks knowing it is a safe and secure method to share my work. Having recently been signed through the platform, I can say first hand that the labels and promoters are active and very responsive which is great. I hope to continue growing my musical career using LabelRadar."
- E92
"LabelRadar offers the easiest and most effective way for my music to reach the best labels out there! Its simple to use and you can even skip the queue to get heard quicker. I recommend LabelRadar to any artists looking to get their music heard by top labels!"
"LabelRadar is responsible for truly launching our music careers! Beforehand, it was always difficult to channel our demos to labels in a meaningful way. Since signing up for this platform in late 2020, we've already signed over twenty tracks to several labels. What's even cooler is that we were able to submit a variety of genres and subgenres, as seen in our synthwave, trance, house and progressive trance tracks. Furthermore, we also participated in the Tiësto Remix Contest and had a blast competing with so many talented artists from all over the world. If you're an aspiring artist who believes in your work, we strongly recommend LabelRadar. It not only helps to get your sound out to the big labels in the industry, it also introduces an essential step in both your pre and post-music production workflow."
"Just signed my first track through LabelRadar, and I'm pretty sure there will be more in the near future! It really is the best opportunity to get your tracks heard by different labels. And sometimes, even if I didn't manage to get signed by the label I wanted, I got some feedback that would help me develop as a producer!"
- Stefanescu
"I used to struggle to find labels to submit my music to and now I have more then 10+ releases on Bass Rebels which I discovered though LabelRadar. It’s the perfect platform for anyone looking to find a label to release their music on. LabelRadar gave me my start and it definitely can give you yours!"
- KR
Now O Later
"LabelRadar got us signed to The Arcadium, TheFatRat’s imprint! It is so great that it can be a place where labels can listen to our demos. They said they think our track would be a good fit and now it is released! It is so great that labels can find us through the platform.”
- Now O Later
Artist Success Story


"I've written and recorded a lot of songs as a musician, but I've only recently entered production. My goal is to improve more and more and collaborate with as many people as possible. When I heard about LabelRadar and what they were doing for the community of artists and producers, I immediately wanted to join and challenge myself with something I had never done before, which was a remix.

When I saw the Common remix contest, which is one of my favorite artists, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It was the perfect moment, the perfect song and after two plays I already knew what to do. I worked hard for two weeks on production and mixing and when I found out I had won the contest it was a great surprise and an opportunity to finally get to know me, but above all, to know that Common and all his team liked it so much, it was a source of pride and personal satisfaction that made me understand that I was on the right path.

Thanks to LabelRadar, this wouldn't have been possible without them and I consider this a starting point for me as a producer. I would strongly recommend it to anyone that want to set foot in the music industry. So bless you for creating this amazing community and useful tool for upcoming artists and producers to build connections with labels/promoters and find opportunities."
- Oddmoves
"Four months after I made the momentous decision to devote my life to music production, I landed my first release with a small label called Hydra Music Records! This was one of many connections I was able to build through LabelRadar!"
- QRMu5ic

"LabelRadar is unreal!! It really takes all the guesswork out of trying to find and distribute my music to the proper channels so that it has the best chance at getting signed. I was amazed at how easy the platform is to use and how responsive the labels are. This is definitely a must have for anyone who wants to take their music to the next level!"
- Nutrium

Darth Athena
"LabelRadar is a great platform and gateway for me as an independent Artist and Producer to submit my music to quality record labels. The platform interface is very clear and straightforward. It is a superb platform for any artist who is struggling for recognition and getting their music to the right listening audiences. I was able to secure my first record deal with Sound Best Records thanks to LabelRadar!"
- Darth Athena
"LabelRadar is the perfect tool for an up and coming artist. I've released four tracks via a connection made through LabelRadar in no time. Full of opportunities and exciting remix competitions guaranteeing getting heard by big labels. If you're looking for easy recognition, this is the place."
- Dellonex
“The best thing about being a music producer for me is being able to visit several different places through the creative process of music-making, and LabelRadar, with its great possibilities and various opportunities, gave me the chance to choose my own path in the music industry. When submitting to labels, you are given the option to submit to one specific label, or to various at the same time. Recently, I chose to submit to many labels to test how many would respond to my submission. In only 10 days, I was able to get responses from 10 different labels. That is insane, and very useful too, as some of those labels give you the reason why they have rejected or accepted your track: useful information for someone who wants to improve!

Because of LabelRadar, I was able to meet an amazing Brazilian Label that will be releasing one of my tracks soon. The environment created by the website is one of joy and encouragement, and I am certain that this is due to the passion of LabelRadar’s team.”
- Gabritiaz
"Releasing a track isn‘t easy. Especially if you’re unknown, the first step is the hardest. Often I‘ve sent my tracks and received no response. LabelRadar shows you that it can be done differently! The labels actually listen to your track which was the biggest thing for me in the beginning. Through LabelRadar I got the opportunity to sign my first release with Simplify. I’m very thankful that there is a platform like LabelRadar that helps unknown artists to be heard!"
Takaya Saito
"LabelRadar gave me great opportunities to connect with many labels and send my songs from Japan to the world. So I am really grateful for LabelRadar. I want more Japanese artists to know LabelRadar."
- Takaya Saito
“Just wanted to tell you that you’ve done a huge favor to the producer community in building relationships between their art and the labels by creating LabelRadar!”
"LabelRadar is the perfect solution if you’re not the best at networking. It’s simple, intuitive and you can find Labels much faster than by manual search. Signed my first track through LabelRadar and since then really improved my career!"
Quentin SounDrive
"It was an amazing experience to have one of my tracks picked up through LabelRadar because it makes your works accessible to so many labels around the world. In turn, you can also keep an eye on any new up and coming artists too. You can also get the assistance of promoters to push your tracks through LabelRadar. Thank you LabelRadar, your resources are very effective!"
- Quentin SounDrive
"After spending days sending emails to various labels, I tried LabelRadar to submit my demo to various labels that corresponded to me. That's how I was able to sign my song 'Cyberpunk' on Ninety9lives, I couldn't have imagined that before I tried the platform!"
- Perhopes
Jerzy Pozuelo
"In the middle of one of the darkest and most difficult times in the music industry, there are many people and companies trying to make money with your talent and your love for art. LabelRadar has led the artists to a path of light, eliminating those obstacles and promoting the music quality as the most important thing in the music industry above all else.

I have just signed my last progressive house track to 'Blanco y Negro Music', the leading independent recording label in Spain. LabelRadar is the new game changer."
- Jerzy Pozuelo
"LabelRadar is a platform that finds the perfect balance for the artists to be hear and the labels to not get overloaded. Thanks to that, I was able sign my first track 'Ceroo' with Blanco y Negro as soon as I signed up.

Getting your music heard is what LabelRadar does and especially for an upcoming Artist like me is what you need to build up your career."
Tobe Williams
"The hardest challenge for an upcoming artist is getting your music heard by prominent labels and LabelRadar is the best place for you to get that help. I was able to get my track 'Malibu' signed to Morph Records which has been my biggest track to date. The platform is easy to use and great to get your music heard."
- Tobe Williams
Leo Dynamic1 LabelRadar
"I recently signed up as a PRO member on LabelRadar and am delighted that my first submission 'Will We Last Forever Remix' was signed by the leading independent Record Label in Spain Blanco y Negro Music! I would like to thank LabelRadar for their amazing work and service they are providing to artists. Its a real game changer for me as now I know my demos will definitely be heard by the labels. BIG thanks to LabelRadar!"
- Leo Dynamic1

"I first started on this platform as a beginner and I was hoping for getting noticed with the track 'Bipolar'. So when I released my track, DubstepBearMusic noticed it and gave it a try and put it on his channel! I was pretty happy about it so I got more into releasing tracks. The platform is just amazing and it really helps for little artists, like me, to get a bit of fame! I'm 1000000% satisfied!"
- Nøriega

Charlie Atom
“LabelRadar has been one of the most useful tools for contacting labels! It's easy to manage and they have big names!”
- Charlie Atom
Dj Kolyn
"I discovered LabelRadar a few months ago and in a very short time I was lucky enough to sign 3 tracks with labels like Blanco y Negro Music. In my opinion LabelRadar is a great help for labels to listen to your songs."
- Dj Kolyn
"I just wish someone had told me about LabelRadar ages ago because this amazing tool just makes it absolutely effortless to have your music right under the noses of labels and promoters! What more could you ask for? I signed up on a Friday, had notifications coming in thick and fast the same day and within 1 week, I managed to get a track signed!!"
- Pilch
"LabelRadar is the only place I can easily submit my demos and get actual recognition. Blanco y Negro Music picked up my single and now has it playing all over big radio stations in Spain and Spanish Spotify Playlists. Super cool to be trending somewhere else in the world as I am from Vancouver, Canada! Thanks LR!"
- Felitche
Angry Fi5h-1
"I've been using LabelRadar for a about 6 months and can honestly say it’s an excellent platform for producers who are trying to get their music heard by the right people. I've had 3 track signed so far by using it. They offer great opportunities and i can’t thank them enough for helping me get a release on Bring New Unity and Big tunes Records. And I can't wait for my next release to drop."
- Angry Fi5h
Tamer ElDerini
"LabelRadar is a perfect solution for me in terms of demo submissions and evaluating my tracks to meet Label needs, it provides me with feedback on my tracks and how they are received by Labels and also to understand the needs and how to improve my production, i was successful that 2 out of my total 3 submitted tracks were signed and released by a Label within very short period since i started music production 3 month ago."
- Tamer ElDerini
"I had no idea where to submit music to labels, then I found LabelRadar. Absolute game changer and extremely easy to use. Pretty exciting when you receive those all important notifications from labels you’ve submitted too. Very efficient service and there’s also plenty of other opportunities on the site."
- WaRbY U.K
Phantom Flag
"I thought I'd given up trying to find distribution for my music years ago but I added a couple of tracks to LabelRadar on a whim because it was easy. I could see labels checking out my demos in near real time and was fully prepared for another failed experiment so imagine my shock when, upon my second submission, I was offered a contract. Oh and I paid zero dollars for the privilege of using this excellent service. Sincerest thanks to the LabelRadar team for helping me to achieve a lifelong goal!"
- Phantom Flag
Martin Oakson


"2020 was a really hard year for the music industry, but I wanna say big THANK YOU to LabelRadar for connecting me with all those brilliant labels out there. I've released few track and also won the Blanco y Negro music competition in the Latin Music category.

Thanks to LabelRadar I've had a chance to be part of labels like Connected Sounds, Open House Records, Dance Of Toads and many more. We all know how hard is to be heard by proper people those days but LabelRadar gives you a "magic key" to many doors and will open them for music producers. Many thanks to the LabelRadar team!"
- Martin Oakson
"LabelRadar really changed the game of submitting demos to labels! It made the process of making your demos heard by big labels so much easier. LabelRadar offers you the great opportunity to let labels come to you if they like your track (one to many system). My track 'Season of You‘ got signed which is coming out next year! All in all it saved me a lot of time and effort, so meanwhile I was able to work on even more new music. I will definitely put them out on Label Radar too. 😊"
- Nate
"LabelRadar is a complete game-changer. We were getting used to the constant lack of replies from labels and were treading water with our music. Then we stumbled upon LabelRadar. With its easy-to-use interface, we were able to get our track in front of so many different labels that we could never have done in the past. We were able to sign with Blanco y Negro within just a few days of uploading our track. LabelRadar has been a huge help for us and we hope to continue building our brand with their incredible platform!"
- Flapjax
Jaxx McKay
“LabelRadar has been a huge part of my growth as an artist! My song 'Drowning' was signed and after only a month of being on Spotify it already has 200k streams! I have never had a song get that much attention before, and now that I know it works, LabelRadar is always my first choice when I need to pitch a new song!”
- Jaxx McKay
Isaac Balyo
"LabelRadar has been instrumental in my journey as an artist. Through them, I was able to get my first signed release, and they are my go-to when I want to send tracks to labels quickly, efficiently, and easily. 10/10 would recommend!"
- Isaac Balyo
"LabelRadar is one of the best platforms for musicians. This service really helped me to start and connect with labels. I was shocked when I received feedback from the world’s largest labels. And yes, it’s true! If you are an aspiring artist or even musician with experience, then LabelRadar is the best service for you. And if you want to get results from your music, I advise you to start your journey at LabelRadar!"
- Oxygenn
"I am so happy that a label believed in me and in my project, my heart is full of joy for this. I must thank the LabelRadar team, they have created an amazing platform that helped me realize my dream. I can’t describe the happiness I felt when I found out I was signing with a label, It was such an indescribable emotion. I can’t wait to release my new project and show the world what I’m capable of!"
"In the music industry it can be difficult just to get an email address to even begin sending submissions to, let alone having that email be opened and actually listened to. LabelRadar gave me the ability to streamline that process and place all of my tracks on here instead of spending hours everyday sending emails out and hoping for a response. This gave me much more time to focus on creation instead of marketing myself.

I am super grateful to have Koto's Revenge signed to Big Tunes Records, and this wouldn't have happened without LabelRadar. Thank you so much for kick starting my journey, and there's so much more to come!"
- Squeet
"LabelRadar is an amazing platform that gives great opportunities to both labels and artists! The most helpful aspect for me as a producer is the fact that you will get a notification when the label has heard your track. This is a real blessing if you know how it feels like to wait 3 weeks on an email submission and don't know if the label has denied your track or even listened to it."
- Satara
"My experience with LabelRadar has been great! Thanks to LabelRadar I've signed 2 records and I will try to get more. Highly recommend it! 🙂"
- Matironi
Mads Gismerica
"I had no idea how to get any of my releases noticed and into the record label business. Up until 2020 I released all my tracks myself, but then I discovered LabelRadar and instantly hit the jackpot. I have since released several tracks on different labels that uses LabelRadar and this year my music boomed! And that would not have happened without discovering LabelRadar. LabelRadar is the perfect solution to connect up and coming artists with the label business."
- Mads Gismerica
"LabelRadar helped me getting signed to a few labels which without Label Radar I wouldn't be able to get signed in the first place, so THANK YOU LABELRADAR!"
- Wicked
"The only thing I can say about LabelRadar is that it is the best place to begin your music career. Not only does it give you a platform for reaching out but also teaches you about the communication required in the music industry. Jendex Records quickly picked up my track "This Time" and were so helpful with everything they even mastered the final version. I definitely recommend signing up for LabelRadar to anybody interested in getting their music heard."
- Marzy
Ash Summers


"As a PRO member, LabelRadar gave me the opportunity to connect with many labels and get my music heard fast!

Before LabelRadar it would take me weeks and months to get any feedback from submission, if in fact at all. But with LabelRadar, it only took 1 week to have my track 'Carnival' picked up and signed! Amazing.

I also had another track 'Night Queen' almost signed up if it wasn’t for the lyrics that the artist refused to allow copyrights. So I had virtually 2 tracks signed up in a matter of 2 weeks! That is unheard of in terms of having your music heard And responded to. LabelRadar is a game changer and it is amazing what the team has achieved in providing and managing this platform for up and coming artists. Well done!"
- Ash Summers
"When I first started exclusively producing House music at the top of 2020, I could of never imagined ending the year signing to one of the biggest electronic music labels in the world in Blanco y Negro. With three total label signings and counting, LabelRadar helped make it happen.”
"When I first stumbled upon LabelRadar, I thought it was too good to be true. I couldn't have been more wrong. Gone were the days of fumbling around with private SoundCloud links and disorganized web forms. Thanks to LabelRadar, my track Scum was signed to Ninety9Lives!"
- Kanooli​


"LabelRadar is an awesome platform. It simplifies the demo submission process & provides access to labels that I didn't have a contact with previously. One of my favorite tools is the opportunity tab. I was able to release on NCS by winning one of the competitions on the tab. Thanks LabelRadar for providing artists with this platform!"
Sasha Busko
"I signed my first track using LabelRadar. That first track then got me on a roll and a few more of my tracks were signed, which raised my motivation significantly. I love using LabelRadar!"
- Sasha Busko
"LabelRadar is a super platform that gives you a great hand to reach many major labels and thanks to them I managed to sign my first contract with the famous label Blanco y Negro!"
"When I found LabelRadar and I saw all the labels they work with I was so excited, I decided to send my song 'Runaway' to Blanco y Negro and they decided to sign it. LabelRadar is the perfect site for new artists that want to sign their demos!"
- Mike 37
"LabelRadar is the perfect platform to get your tracks heard by so many different labels. It helped me a lot to sign my first track and motivated me to continue making music. For me it's the best track submissions system I have seen."
One Ticket To The Moon​
"Since using LabelRadar, I have been able to successfully negotiate my song submissions. It is very easy to use and has proven success. I can be in direct contact with many labels and make deals for my releases. I highly recommend it."
- One Ticket To The Moon​
"LabelRadar is the best way to get your music out to the wild. I really recommend using LabelRadar and planning to get my label Velocity Music LLC there soon as well!"
- Astedroid
"When I sent 'In The Dark' to some labels, I couldn't believe that my track had been asked to sign by Progressive Vibes Music. I felt so happy and happy that my product is available on so many major platforms. Thank the LabelRadar team so much that you are one of the best platforms artists can send their productions to record labels."

"I have been using LabelRadar for about a year now. It’s a very good way to get into the music industry and create contact with record companies. I got signed thanks to LabelRadar!"

Sounds of Apollo
"LabelRadar has constantly been my number 1 go to for submitting to labels. As a producer, you can sometimes worry about being able to get in front of big player labels, but LabelRadar solves that entire problem with ease. Huge shoutout to LabelRadar for helping the EDM community grow even stronger. 12/10 recommend!"
- Sounds of Apollo
"LabelRadar is definitely the way to go. Started out just giving it a try ended up becoming my main source. On this platform alone I've landed solid placements with several labels. Gaining massive exposure to new fans across the globe, features in magazines, opening up the doors to my career indefinitely. So my advice stop wasting your time getting your tracks lost in the endless sea an hit the radar whether you need promo or potential signing they got you covered!"
- Synflex
Kasia Sanscartier
"The platform was easy to maneuver and the responses came quickly. It definitely adds a little bit of structure to label reach outs and finds opportunities that might have missed our radar in our first searches for labels. I have recommended the service to multiple industry friends, and would recommend it to anyone that wants to reach labels that they otherwise couldn't with limited networking opportunities, especially during a pandemic or if they are just starting off in the industry."
- Kasia Sanscartier
Bo Scott​
"I've had multiple tracks signed through LabelRadar. There is no other platform I know of that give you access to as many labels all in one place. The interface is straightforward and easy to use. You can even get feedback from the labels on your tracks!"
- Bo Scott​
Ruchik Biniwale
"LabelRadar is the easiest solution for demo submissions, it has got everything that a producer wishes for. I've been using it for a long time now. I've got signed couple of my tracks through LabelRadar and surely gonna have more in the future!"
- Ruchik Biniwale
The Ramon
"I’ve released a lot of songs on different labels through my different A&R contacts over the years, but LabelRadar definitely changed the game for singer-songwriters like me in this DJ/producer dominated industry. It definitely made things easier both for artists and record labels! I was able to sign 6 of my songs on Ninety9 Lives, EDM Sauce and Blanco y Negro through LabelRadar, and I can’t wait to release more songs in the coming years! LabelRadar definitely saves you time and expands the opportunities to professionally connect whether you’re an artist or a record label!"
- The Ramon
"LabelRadar is an incredibly good solution for me. As an emerging artist, it is very difficult to find a label that wants to give you the opportunity to release. Sending emails to many record labels, there is always a feeling of insecurity and you would be very lucky to receive any answer.

With LabelRadar your tracks are heard 100%, and everything can be followed perfectly. I had dared myself to test the platform and after a few days I already had an agreement with Revolt Records. In the meantime my track has become the second best selling track on the label! Thank you LR!"
Chris Lynx
"To be totally honest, joining LabelRadar was the best choice I’ve ever made! This website makes every artist's life a lot easier. With just a few clicks, you can push your tracks to a massive number of labels and promoters that, with some luck, can open doors, and change your life and career forever. Thank you LabelRadar!"
- Chris Lynx
"I achieved my goal of releasing my music all over the world through LabelRadar. I recommend this platform which gives artists the chances to achieve their dreams and goals. I will definitely keep using this platform!"
- K4nciio
Curly Hook
"LabelRadar is very easy in use and useful as it is designed well and provides artists with direct access to A&R managers of labels you choose! I think it is a very good platform for artists to find labels! Also it is easy to organize the whole working process after signing your track using messages on the platform. Thank you LabelRadar for the opportunities you give!"
- Curly Hook
"LabelRadar is a unique platform where new artists and experienced professionals can gain valuable access to labels! LabelRadar helped me to get a release on a great label! I can't wait to expand my network through the platform and submit new demos!"
- Y.M.O.
"LabelRadar has been an incredible tool for me. Thanks to it I started my music career in 2020 by signing with labels such as Blanco y Negro, OpenHouse Records and others. I'm sure that without LabelRadar I wouldn't get in big labels, and it also saved me having to spend lots of hours looking for labels on the internet and emailing them individually (I've even signed with labels I didn't know before thanks to LabelRadar). Amazing platform, you have to try it! Believe me, you won't regret it!"
"When I started my journey as a producer, I had no connections whatsoever and it seemed really hard to reach out to labels. After some research I found out about LabelRadar and gave it a try. I was really excited when I got the notification that Magic Records wanted to sign a track of mine. It's safe to say that LabelRadar was a real game changer for me because after releasing twice via Magic Records my numbers went up like crazy!"
Deland Beatz
"LabelRadar is a great platform! I have had releases with several important labels, and soon a track on the fantastic Blanco y Negro label will be released!! I recommend this platform to everyone!"
- Deland Beatz
"I accidentally found LabelRadar from Google, but it was kind of a good accident! LabelRadar is very easy to use, I can send a demo to so many labels and also promoters. After trying LabelRadar a couple of times, one of my tracks got accepted by Uplay Recordings, which is an imprint of RaveUp Records. It has gathered a nice amount of listeners on Spotify. I surely recommend LabelRadar to all music makers out there to get their music signed and heard!"
- Stormline
"LabelRadar is a one stop shop for everything your song needs before a release. The networks I've created here have helped me grow tremendously. My last release was signed by JackEL's label FVYDID and is set for release next year. Every project I have gets better and better!"
- Themorethanevers
"Honestly, LabelRadar has been absolutely incredible! The fact that it very effectively levels out the playing field for those with a fair amount of experience as well as lower levels of experience in music production is great - everyone is given an equal opportunity. Not only this, but LabelRadar has made it far easier for people to submit demos to more labels with the "One to Many" submission feature! This means the artist has to do a lot less leg work compared to someone chasing around all the different labels before they find a suitable match! I have managed to get tracks released on a few labels, such as Connected Sounds, Blanco y Negro, and dbeatzion.

All of these releases have been made possible through LabelRadar, and I hope to continue using LabelRadar for years to come! Here's to bigger and better for both myself and LabelRadar!"
- Rhod
Mr. Wildfire
"I started using LabelRadar and I was very skeptical at first. I sent a couple songs to quite a few different labels, and had a couple picked up. My best performing song was picked up by United Music Hits and currently has 200,000 streams! That would’ve never happened without LabelRadar. Don’t give up, keep sending them new music, and you never know what will happen!"
- Mr. Wildfire
Bass Sky
"LabelRadar as a PRO member gave me the opportunities to connect with many labels I didn't even know existed and were successful already. I was able to get one of my songs signed with High Five Music Records, which helped me get more listeners. I'm will keep working with LabelRadar in the future, and hopefully other huge labels such as NCS or Ultra Music can hear from me one day."
- Bass Sky
"In the media environment of today, it's very hard to be heard through all the background noise. Technical and musical skills are no longer enough. You have to have a platform, from where you have the opportunity to reach out the people you want to notice your music. LabelRadar gave me that kind of a platform, which enabled me to get signed to Progressive Vibes Music, which hopefully marks the beginning of a rewarding career in the music industry."
- Avide
Michele Borghi
"LabelRadar is the platform I was looking for. Thanks to them I signed my first track with Uplay Recordings, imprint of RaveUp Records. Now I have managed to bring my music to more people around the world."
- Michele Borghi
"As a producer and artist the most difficult thing to do is to get started. Furthermore, without help it is even more difficult. Thanks to LabelRadar I was able to contact hundreds of labels directly. It wasn't easy but I managed to sign my first track with Different Records. Thanks to this I have signed with them as an artist. Now I am starting my musical career with the largest electronic music label in my country!"
- Kaeru
"LabelRadar allowed me to send my demos to one of my goal labels, NCS, which I really struggled to do before discovering this platform. This is how I was able to sign my first track with NCS, which is something i was waiting for so long. Huge thanks to the LabelRadar team for the opportunity!"
- Midranger​
“LabelRadar is an incredible new way to have huge opportunities! A new way to have your tracks on major and big labels! My hardcore track 'Satanica' now is on Blanco y Negro Music, the first label in Spain and not only! The way that LabelRadar helps is absolutely great! After years and years in music business, LabelRadar surprised me!”
- Raptor​
"LabelRadar made it so easy to get in touch with big record labels, it was so much harder in the past and it is the ultimate tool for any producer out there. If you keep sending demos through email you should definitely try this!"
- DDRey
"LabelRadar has simplified the process for artists to get the attention of labels and with the easy to use interface, makes it easier and more convenient for both artists and labels. I recently signed a track with Blanco y Negro which was exciting and wouldn't of been possible without LabelRadar! I Highly recommend LabelRadar!!"
- Jd
Cristian Lombardo
"LabelRadar literally changed my career. These days It's hard to get a deal from a record company so I looked for many demo submission services but they are absolutely not comparable. It allowed me to sing my track 'Burn' to The Arcadium label just in a month and it gained more than 35k streams on Spotify and 65k on Youtube. I would never reached this little goal without it. LabelRadar combines the best opportunities and the most important record labels for your music so it's definitely the best choice for you."
- Cristian Lombardo
"LabelRadar has helped me get my first label release and hope to get more releases through them. I always wanted to make music as my career and just getting recognized and getting signed is really gonna help me make my life worth it.

The day I get famous, the most important people in my career in bringing me up would always be the people at LabelRadar."
- K3ATH​
"LabelRadar is REALLY huge to connect with labels and promoters. There are so many labels that are ready to work with you and LabelRadar does the link between you and them and this is really helpful and simple to use. I love it!"
- Rektows
"Back in 2017 I started producing music. I sent a lot of labels emails asking them if they could give my demo a listen, and give me feedback on what i could do better. It was a lot of work, and most of the labels never even replied. Recently I found out about LabelRadar and it's a real life saver. Instead of writing emails to every single label one at the time, you can just upload a song, add some hashtags, and it's ready, it's really as simple as that. Since I've started using LabelRadar, I've had 2 songs signed in 2 months. I'm really happy that they try to give us small producers a chance too!"
- Coarby
"I found LabelRadar accidentally, but I am happy that I found it. It took less than two weeks, and I got signed! I am an unknown artist, but LabelRadar really helps to get attention for your track and even some feedback!"
"LabelRadar Pro is perfect if you need to be released. I just send my tracks here and wait for best deal for me. Sounds absurd, but every day i have some notifications and messages waiting for me from labels, promoters. I just simply decide what label has the best deal for me. LR is a must have."
- Exact​
"When I lived in Sweden for a while, the only one thing what I could do was make music. I wanted to get some credit from the scene, It was never easy though. When I was about to put everything down, I heard about this platform. So I decided to show my music to all. And then, finally my label recognized my music, and I could sign with them. It was an amazing experience. Thanks a lot. I will keep going on."
- Hyozeen
"I'm a big fan of LabelRadar and the platform they provide. Since joining, I've gotten the feeling that maybe this business isn't as far away and unreachable as it can feel sometimes as an unsigned artist with nothing but dreams. I'll be upgrading my account as well, I really think it's worth it."
Tim Woocker
"I never expected to become big in the music industry so I never tried to contact any record labels. Everything changed when LabelRadar came out. They made it so easy to submit your music to labels that I immediately tried it out. All it took was a couple of clicks and I signed my track 'Spikey' to Ninety9Lives within just a few days. I will definitely come back to LabelRadar when my next track is finished!"
- Tim Woocker
Another Nelson
"I think LabelRadar is a good place for upcoming Producers to be discovered and heard. With LabelRadar I was able to sign my early song to a Label that i didn’t know. I think every upcoming Artist should use LabelRadar to get in contact with the Labels."
- Another Nelson
"LabelRadar is just an amazing service for producers. It’s the future for Submissions. I signed a couple of my tracks here last year. Thank you, guys! This platform is great!"
- e1ectron1k
Zaid Khatib
"LabelRadar has allowed me to access record labels that I previously would have never been able to reach if wasn’t on the platform. The concept is so simple to use!"
- Zaid Khatib
"I have known about LabelRadar for a while. When I finished 'Shallow Lungs' I knew that this track is very different than something I would normally write, so I had no idea about which label I would pitch this to. LabelRadar was very useful in sharing this track to multiple labels and the track finally got signed. I recommend the platform to every producer friend of mine."
Weston & Teston
"LabelRadar helped us easily connect with labels from around the globe and kick-start our career as artists. The process of submitting new music is very user-friendly and with the PRO subscription, labels get back to you in a timely manner. We love using LabelRadar and will continue to use it in the coming year."
- Weston & Teston
“As a young and learning artist I was so glad I found this game-changing tool 'LabelRadar' to help get my music heard, the platform was so simple, yet easy to use. I was so excited to hear that a record label reached out to me about my track, it was very encouraging! I hope more artist find this site so that they can also grow in the music industry!”
- BassKord​
"I tried sending out a bunch of demo's over email in the past but never heard back from labels. After a couple years of perfecting my craft I figured it would be a good time to try my luck with contacting labels again. I came across LabelRadar which makes submitting a track to a bunch of labels a breeze. I immediately noticed that labels started listening, and my track ended up getting signed with Revolt Records! A great service with lots of great opportunities!"
- Tripodal
"I got referred by a friend and I was skeptical in the beginning. However, seeing as I got used to the interface and the whole platform, I found it easy and intuitive to use! I managed to sign my track 'Madara' with ease! The whole concept is incredible and I will surely be using LabelRadar to find a label for my next tracks! Would love to see how the platform updates in the future and gets better and better!"
- Izunt
"By using LabelRadar, i've managed to sign my debut single 'Flight' in a matter of a few days. LabelRadar is easy to use and the platform really helped me getting seen by a lot of labels and promoters."
Praveen Walker​
"I just got signed by label through LabelRadar and I will never forget this release because this is my first track to get supported from top producer's around the world like R3HAB and SHOWTEK and many more!"
- Praveen Walker​
Robin Allexander
"LabelRadar is the best tool out there to get closer to the biggest record labels in the world and is helping me to make my dream come true. LabelRadar is the king of the kings in this industry. This platform is exactly all I needed. Now the doors of this world of music are open for me."
- Robin Allexander
Jake Kelley
"LabelRadar is amazing and it has helped me become much closer to the artist I have always dreamed of being. Without LabelRadar, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sign my song 'With You' which helped me get the most streams on any song that I have ever made. Thank you LabelRadar, I would recommend any artist looking to sign with any label to use your platform."
- Jake Kelley
"I have used a lot of websites to send my demos to labels as well as to curators, but LabelRadar is one of the best website I've ever used to send demos, because not only it have one of the best user friendly interface but also it offers a ton of labels & curators. I have signed a couple of demos through LabelRadar and for that I'm really thankful to them. Thank you and keep growing LabelRadar team!"
Marlie Spectrum
"We are Marlie Spectrum. Thanks to LabelRadar, we were able to sign a contract with a good label. This is our first release ever for the existence of our duo. We are very grateful to this platform for providing us with this opportunity. From now on, we will be submitting our demo work via LabelRadar."
- Marlie Spectrum
"LabelRadar has been an game changer for me as an upcoming artist. Site is really simple to use and the prices are really fair. Best is that you know, that someone will listen your tune. Or if not, at least you get your credits back! Have been made all my signings so far via LabelRadar so needless to say how important it has been to me!"
- Ølav
"LabelRadar has given me the opportunity to get my tracks noticed and signed by record labels. As a new artist, this service is truly helping me launch my career in a great way. I am very appreciative of all that LabelRadar has to offer."
Josh Jay
"I felt burned out for a long time music-wise. Made a lot of demos but had no way of getting any of them out there. Suddenly I found this remix competition on social media. Since I started my small career on remixes and had won some of them before I thought why not. I ended up pulling an allnighter at the last day of submission and barely got it finished last minute. When I saw how many people were also taking part in it all over the world I felt theres no way my remix would get anywhere. But it did! As a huge surprise for me I actually won it! Pur Mudd really liked my remix and I have made a few more remixes for them now, and we are also working on a new track together! All of this kind of charged me up and gave me a boost for making music again! All of this happened thanks to LabelRadar! I really need to scout this platform out more!"
- Josh Jay
Krisna Artha
"LabelRadar helped me share my music & discover remix contests! I can say my music career began from LabelRadar ever since I won my first remix contest. I still cant believe it! I still join the opportunities from LabelRadar and I hope in the future I can make my country (Indonesia) and my family proud. Thank you so much LabelRadar!"
- Krisna Artha
Faun Dation
"I understand very well how difficult it is to promote your musical creations these days. But LabelRadar gives you that opportunity! So it was with me. Until the moment I entered the Labelradar remix competition, it was quite problematic for me to get my music heard. When I found out that there was a competition from such legendary guys as DC Breaks, I decided that such a chance should not be missed. To be honest, I didn’t even read the list of prizes in detail. Because the main prize is that the winner's track will be released on such a giant drum and bass label as Ram Records! I have dreamed about this for quite a long time, during which I have been writing music. And now, thanks to LabelRadar, my dream has come true! My remix of the track DC Breaks - Club Thug took first place. I couldn't believe it. This success gave me a lot of motivation and strength to create further. And of course, the prizes to be won here give you a complete equipment to indulge yourself in during your music production sessions. Therefore, I want to say that you need to continue to produce music, no matter what creative barrier you have in this period of your life. And choose the right ways to promote it. LabelRadar offers you not one such way, but even more! Because in addition to participating in remix competitions, you also have a huge opportunity for your tracks to be heard from the main labels of the music world."
- Faun Dation
New Formula
"Accessibility is the best word to describe LabelRadar. Instead of having to send each one of your songs through a complicated web of emails or websites, you just upload your track, title it (+ the genre and other stuff), and send it straight to whichever label you want, or you can just cross your fingers and send it to all of them!"
- New Formula
"LabelRadar is hands down the best submission platform for both veterans, and newer producers alike, who want to get their demo listened to quickly. LabelRadar enabled me to sign my song to Gaming Playlist, and it's my most streamed song to date. Highly recommend it!"
- Mordrez
"LabelRadar has finally made it easy for smaller artists to connect with labels asap! No more sending out emails and never hearing back - LabelRadar's platform has made it easier than ever to connect with labels and get music signed, fast."
"LabelRadar helped my tracks being heard by the big labels. I didn't believe it too much in the beginning, but after sending some demos, I saw the labels listen to it FOR REAL and sometimes help with feedbacks and tips.

My first track signed is 'Awake', signed by Blanco y Negro Music, it was amazing and never got so happy before. I think that more tracks will get signed soon!

To everyone thinking about using LabelRadar, go for it. It really helps u get heard, help your tracks getting signed, don't hesitate."
"LabelRadar helped me bring my music from an Italian home studio to all Spain. A little romantic song became an international track. If it happened it's only because of this platform!"
- Easterbed
"After producing music for several years behind the scenes it was finally time to submit to labels to find out if any industry professionals are willing to back my work. Using LabelRadar made it easy to submit to a wide pool of labels without having to send out a million emails. I was lucky enough to have the 4th label who listened to my music pick up the song. Since then we have gone through with the contract process and are eagerly awaiting the release this March! Thank you for building such an amazing platform!"
- Anonymous
"LabelRadar gave me a chance to sign with a label for the first time. I released my first official track 'FTP' via Drop Station Records, and I achieved my dream! After that release, I became more productive and motivated, and I made other releases with Riddim Network & Electronyze Me too. Don't hesitate. Make your dream come true! LabelRadar will help you a lot 🙂"
- Ruxxi​
"LabelRadar is 🔥! I lost time trying to send my demos for labels by mailing them. I found LabelRadar through a friend, and now I ended up using it exclusively to sign my tracks. LabelRadar is THE thing if you want to get signed without hassle!"
"I just started my artist profile 'WINN' this year. I completed my first original track 'Millennial Falcon' and found LabelRadar soon after. I then submitted my track to multiple labels - to which Blacktone gave me the green light to release my single on one of their sub-labels, Fresh Finds!

Well, fast forward about 2 months, and I'm 29 streams away from 20k streams, and over 4k listeners! It's my honest opinion that all reputable labels and serious musicians should be on LabelRadar. It's a very streamlined process that has helped me go from 0 listeners, to over four thousand monthly listeners on Spotify now!"
The Fox At Night
"The premise is simple. The labels get played a 20-second snippet of your tune and if they like they get in touch. Obviously for artists thats great as it’s simple to get your music heard (I Just managed to get a song signed with Blanco y Negro, such an amazing feeling!) Vice versa, I could see labels preferring one portal instead of getting bogged down with email demo submissions. Also, have to mention I love LabelRadar’s website interface! Very sleek."
- The Fox At Night
"I didn't really know how I should reach out to A&Rs or Labels when I started releasing music. I wasn't having very much success either, with labels or promoters. When I was told about LabelRadar I signed up immediately and I truly believe this is where things started to kick off. So many great things came from signing my track 'Better Alone' with Frequency. I have LabelRadar and Frequency to thank for all of that!"
- Xyan
Pyro X
"A whole new world opened up for me when I discovered LabelRadar. I could finally get noticed by big labels. It gave me the ability to release multiple tracks on labels such as Argofox and The Arcadium. After years of producing, I am finally able to get my tracks heard thanks to LabelRadar."
- Pyro X
Boston Switch
"Working with LabelRadar was an awesome experience and it got one of my most recent tracks got signed which now has over 80,000 streams in only a few months. It's refreshing to send off a track to label & know they actually receive, listen & reply to your submission."
- Boston Switch
"LabelRadar helped me be discovered throughout all platforms and allowed me to create a small fanbase that grows each day. Knowing that LabelRadar reaches out to all different labels, it creates a quick and easy way to get recognized and signed!"
- NineKloud
"LabelRadar is a very interesting platform which brings a lot of opportunities, thanks to them I was able to sign my first song and reach more than 50k streams on Spotify. I recommend it for all people who are looking to sign their tracks. Without them I might not be where I am today."
- Kusko
"When I started using LabelRadar, I wasn't expecting success. For me, it was an addition and a novelty. After sending some demos to the label, I was losing hope ... But one day while at work I received an email from LabelRadar that the label wanted to talk to me about signing a contract!! I was sitting in front of the monitor at work for a few nice minutes before it dawned on me that it was true ... to this day, I still release songs on this label. Thank you LabelRadar for your help!"
- DJ SO4
Wynde Up
"Through LabelRadar I was able to get some of my first ever label signings and it led to an EP with Ninety9Lives. I was able to start building a relationship with them and have had a couple other releases with them since. Its really opened a lot of doors for me and its a great platform to get your music heard, whether through original submissions or some of their remix contests"
- Wynde Up
David Ricardo

"In May of this year, I signed the biggest music contract in my career. I signed my song ‘LoveMeBetter’ with the leading music label in Europe ‘Blanco y Negro’. My recipe to success has been: I joined a course called ‘The Road To Main Stage’ by the DJ producer ‘Bass Kleph’ then I got private mentorship with his colleague Travis. They then suggested that I submitted through LabelRadar. LabelRadar is the most effective and efficient way to submit and sign solid records that I have ever tried in my 15 year career. It took me 2 years of networking, money and commitment to sign with Toolroom Records. With the same effort in 1 month (not 2 years) I signed with the super star label Blanco y Negro."
- David Ricardo

Evan James
"LabelRadar is my only go to platform for getting pop and electronic music signed. They have a strong stable of reputable and successful labels/promoters. In terms of getting your music heard, signed and distributed, LabelRadar is the best in the business, and it greatly streamlines what is otherwise an extremely time consuming process of submitting demos. It’s a service I actively use and would recommend to any producers, composers or artists looking for the right placement."
- Evan James
"Sending a demo to labels is probably my least favourite activity - you have to find the right sentences to describe your track, paste the link with the track to the email and send it, but many times labels don't listen to the track or respond back. LabelRadar makes these things easier. You can choose from the various words to describe your tune and upload the file directly to the platform. All my submissions were heard, even when I sent them to the high-profile labels, and LabelRadar notifies you about it."
- MaxRevenge
Thomas Irwin
"Getting signed and noticed can be extremely difficult in the industry, but LabelRadar gives an incredible opportunity to get your music directly in front of A&R’s. This is so important if you want to progress as an artist and get your music to a bigger audience. Working with LabelRadar is a no-brainer if you want this."
- Thomas Irwin
"Whenever I tried sending demos to labels, most of the time I didn't get a reply back, it's either due to the amount of demo influx that they go through meaning my track goes unheard, or simply because it's rejected. But I would still be waiting for a reply with all hopes which would eventually turn into disappointment until I came across LabelRadar.

Ever since I started using this amazing platform, I got signed to multiple labels like Blanco Y Negro etc. If I ever feel let down by any submissions in LabelRadar, I simply try their 'One to Many' option, and usually a label picks up the track from there. I am grateful to LabelRadar for providing us (music producers) with this wonderful platform filled with opportunities"
"Before knowing LabelRadar, I was getting feedback on my demo from only small labels. Unfortunately, I was only able to release music on small labels. My ranges were very small. Thanks to LabelRadar, I believed in success and I started getting specific answers about my demo from major labels.

After using LabelRadar for a few months, I signed a contract with Blanco y Negro. LabelRadar is the best service available for sending a demo. Indispensable for famous as well as less known artists."
- Grsimo
“LabelRadar is in my opinion one of the best demo drop websites ever, it is suitable for big artists but also for rising producers, I’ve managed to release three songs and I hope many more in the future thanks to this website. Make sure to give it a try if you think you have a banging song ready to be shown to the public!"
- MadTing
“On this site I’ve had way more success than on other platforms. If your tracks are good enough you’re going to get deals. LabelRadar works. Period."
- SaintMark
"LabelRadar is the best platform for track submission to labels. Easy to use, quick reply and ands down the Best service! Thanks to team LabelRadar."
- Reyan
Clay Pirinha
"LabelRadar is what the future needs. simple and direct relationships with labels and artists. Since I've been with LabelRadar, labels have turned to me on their own initiative and have grown my fan base by at least 50%. thank you, LabelRadar and hope for many more years to come!"
- Clay Pirinha
"Through this vast ocean of music promotion opportunities, it can be hard to find a place to easily get your music heard by record labels and promoters. Using LabelRadar this task became so much easier for me, having already had 2 tracks signed with labels because of them, with many more opportunities to come."
- Sharmystic
"LabelRadar is the best place for artists to find the right path for their new songs. No matter what genre you produce, you will find a label or promoter that fits you perfectly. For example, I signed my bass-house track 'Copperfield' on LabelRadar with United Music Hits. It’s just a game changer and it helped me a lot!"
Mate Original
"LabelRadar is really good for helping artists who don't have visibility, thanks to the platform I signed with Ninety9Lives and other labels, it's a revolutionary concept. 🎉"
- Mate Original
Nedd Këos
"Thanks to LabelRadar we have gotten to release our first songs and we are already talking to other labels. We believe that it is a super powerful and useful platform, the future in the relationship between Artist and Label."
- Nedd Këos
Janiv Rospher
"Before I started using LabelRadar i had a really hard time when sending my tracks to labels, usually its hard to make sure the label even heard your track or sometime get no respond but it all changed when i started using LabelRadar. Labels started to notice me and after about a month i got a track signed at a really big label called 'The Arcadium', sending tracks to labels through LabelRadar is really the best way possible and I really recommend it to everyone! 🙂"
- Janiv Rospher
Yankee Music
"LabelRadar is an amazing thing where you can connect a musical collective of artists from around the world, with the biggest record labels in the world transcending the language barrier."
- Yankee Music
"LabelRadar is changing the game as the next level of demo submissions! I signed my track with HIRAD through their services this year in Different Records. If you are an upcoming artist and need to be heard by the biggest labels, I should tell you that LabelRadar is the best place for you to get that help. Be creative and spread your unique sounds!"
"LabelRadar is a great opportunity for all the young producers over the globe. It has very diverse styles of music record labels, so basically everyone can find their small label to start grow his fan base. It's easier to get signed because your track can be sent to dozens of record labels at once. My first track that got signed here was released on Spotify and Apple Music etc. and it was my first time that my track is in these kind of music apps and I hope to get sign a few more with the help of LabelRadar.

This site is a savior for a lot of brilliant young producers and gives them hope to succeed in this business. So shout out for LabelRadar and thank you for your support!"
- ZoLo
"LabelRadar is the best thing to ever happen to the record label submission process! The ability to upload a song and have everything right there in one place makes this part of our job SOOO MUCH EASIER! I have been able to sign 3 songs so far with labels like Evoked Natives (50k network) Different Records (40k network) and just landed my biggest label release yet with Most Addictive (over 1M network!!)."
- Hakuzu
"I'm gonna keep this short. LabelRadar is a spectacular platform, and it is super easy sending a track over to a label, and have them listen to it. Thanks to this great platform, I had my track signed to Magic Music, which is just awesome! Keep working hard on your music, believe in yourself and use LabelRadar!"
"LabelRadar is a great platform for all levels of artists and producers looking to get their music out there. From record labels to sync/advertising companies searching for cool new sounds, they've really aligned themselves well and I look forward to continuing to work with them!"
Axell Page
"A few months ago I signed one of my tracks called Electric Wave to Big Tunes records using the LabelRadar platform. LabelRadar is the best platform to submit your favorite tracks and let the labels listen to it, if your track it's good enough it most likely will get signed by a label. LabelRadar is perfect if you are struggling with getting heard by your favorite labels."
- Axell Page
"LabelRadar gives you an opportunity to personally submit to many top labels in the industry. I was able to sign my record 'Fire Inside' with Tribal Trap by submitting my demo on LabelRadar. It's easy to use and opens doors as an upcoming artist!"
Arthur Kody


"I used to spend hours hunting down the perfect label for each one of my tracks (and then rarely heard back anyways). I collab as a vocalist and songwriter, so each day means a new genre based on who I’m working with. It would take ages to sort through the lists of “labels accepting [insert genre here] demos” - not to mention the time to actually go through each one’s unique submission process!

With LabelRadar, I can quickly and easily upload a demo and only send it to labels who might be interested in just a few clicks. Not only has it saved me so much time, but I’ve also gotten so many more positive responses by using this platform. I’ve only been using LabelRadar for a couple of months, and I’ve already signed 3 tracks to 3 separate labels! Thanks LabelRadar! You rock my world. 🙂"
- Arthur Kody
"A few months back I was struggling with a lot of rejections from various record labels. A fellow producer friend of mine suggested to try LabelRadar, because through the platform I could not only send a record to many labels simultaneously, but also have a choice from a variety of labels covering a huge selection of music genres and cultures!

My musical journey started with LabelRadar. I got the opportunity of getting high quality feedback, aswell as getting my first record 'My Remedy' signed on Future House Mouse, a swiss record label, which I'm truly honored to be a part of! LabelRadar is an amazing opportunity for producers from all genres that want their records to get heard by label A&Rs, as well as from a big audience!"
- Fastpadder
Steven Garza
"LabelRadar has definitely changed the game with demo submissions. I was able to sign my first track with Connected Sounds, ever since then I have had close connections with the label! LabelRadar will always be my go to for demo submissions!"
- Steven Garza

"I signed my first Hardstyle track with Jendex Records (Sky) using the LabelRadar platform! It's an excellent link between producers and labels."
- Xylentz

Binaural Beats
"I have been a producer for about a year now and had been trying to find a way for labels to hear my demos. Once I found LabelRadar they helped send my demos to multiple labels. The website is easy to use, and within a few days I was already hearing back from labels! I would say LabelRadar is the best way to go when it comes to getting your music heard!"
- Binaural Beats
"I really enjoy using LabelRadar. Being able to put my music in front of some of the biggest labels in the world with such ease is amazing. I particularly like the Opportunity section, which has given me some great chances to remix music outside of my comfort zone. Singularity Records is a great label they did a really good job with our release and I was happy to sign with them."
- MatteBlack
"As a completely new artist with no contacts in the industry, I felt overwhelmed while looking to find the right label that would give me a chance. After trying LabelRadar, I was immediately floored by its potential and ease of use. Within a few days of uploading my debut track 'Strike', Melodiös Music contacted me and offered to sign it. LabelRadar is truly a powerful weapon for artists looking to make lasting connections that will further their career."
- Nightblades
David Sasse
"LabelRadar was a great experience and I am glad that I found this site! I connected with a label which I would never have found without LabelRadar and we released a song together. Great experience. 🙂"
- David Sasse
Gold Glare
"LabelRadar has been a great way to connect with labels. When you sign up, you know your music is going to be heard and you have a fair chance of having it released with that label. My song, 'Every Night' was released through a label I found on LabelRadar, and we just passed 20,000 plays on Spotify. Give LabelRadar a chance if you're a producer looking for an outlet for your music or a label looking for new talent."
- Gold Glare
Sneaky Ollie
"LabelRadar literally opened the doors for me to work with record labels. I had been sending my demos out via email for a while with no response from labels, but then LabelRadar changed it. Within a few days from sending my demo through LabelRadar I had my first track signed, which then led me to work with more artists and labels. I will definitely use it again in the future!"
- Sneaky Ollie
"LabelRadar is an amazing tool when it comes down to streamlining the demo submission process. My upcoming track was signed with Blanco y Negro through the platform. The label listened to my track, reached out, and within days we had completed the whole process. I have to say, LabelRadar is a must if you appreciate a simplified demo submission process!"
"As part of my experience with LabelRadar, I found it useful to search for the record labels that best suit my needs. I felt it was a big help in reaching out to the right labels that could really get my career started. It was great to get one of my tracks signed with Bigtunes records, which really gave me hope in trusting the service and moving forward with future music releases."
Oh Balboa
"LabelRadar is the best way to get the ears that matter to hear your music. I went from 0 streams for my new project Oh Balboa to over 50k streams on Spotify in a month after signing with Blacktone through LabelRadar."
- Oh Balboa
"My experience with LabelRadar has been great! It’s an amazing platform for sending tracks to record labels and promoters, of one’s own choice and genre. I sent my track 'Ascension' to Blanco y Negro, got it signed and released on that awesome label! LabelRadar has really played an important role in kick-starting my music career!"
Mark Digital
"Since stumbling across LabelRadar earlier this year, I was excited to learn about all of the opportunities they present, from world class labels like Armada, Monstercat and Anjuna, to bespoke indie trance labels like Evolve and Rave-Up Records. In fact, I have been pitching a few tracks and have signed three now through LabelRadar, who make it easy to connect with these labels and get your name out there. The easy to use interface allows a personal page and the ability to send demos to a single label or all the labels on the platform. Additionally there are promoters you can send demos to if you want to promote your self-released tracks.

I recommend all producers looking to increase their brand to use LabelRadar as a great option to get your tracks heard by the world's best!"
- Mark Digital
"LabelRadar is a quick and easy way of getting your track heard to the masses. My first track release with Ninety9lives really helped kickstart my career and expand my fanbase!"
- Trader
"We have been really pleased with the service and the submission process on LabelRadar and are super excited as this will be our first release through a major label. Thanks for the services you guys provide. This platform has been a major boost to our music."
- Hue.
Tim Heller
"I found out about LabelRadar when I was looking for a way to get in contact with labels, where nothing other than the music itself matters. The 20 second clip submission process is awesome, where YOU can pick what you want the label to hear. I gave it a shot, and now I have my first release! Totally would recommend if you want your music to get listened to!"
- Tim Heller
"Signing a song to a record label is a HUGE deal; I never thought it could or would happen. LabelRadar took a process that can be very complex, and made it simple. My song 'Voyage' now has over 25k streams thanks to LabelRadar and EDM Sauce. If you’re an upcoming artist and want to expand your brand, this is the place to be!"
- Celestial


"I first discovered LabelRadar through a remix contest held by Monstercat a while back. I took the chance and tried remixing some songs that I thought was cool. After winning the Empire of Steel remix contest and a couple more after that, it gave me a boost to keep making music till this day. If there's any platform that I would use to submit my demos, LR is definitely my go-to choice."
- Irons
"One of the hardest tasks that I had to do was trying to get my music discovered by labels. I have been using LabelRadar for quite some time now and it has been nothing but super helpful to me. It is a great platform for new talents to get discovered by music labels, and has so many opportunities to offer from competitions to submitting demos. I cannot thank the team from LabelRadar enough for making this amazing platform!"
- Nectre
Bad Habits
"One of the most frustrating things as an artist, besides rejection, is dealing with labels and demo submissions. With LabelRadar you always get an answer, and it makes the process really simple. I have already signed three songs with Different Records thanks to LabelRadar. Every time I finish a track, LabelRadar is my go to to send the demo. Besides that, you also have the Opportunities section which is really handy too."
- Bad Habits
Moai System


"LabelRadar was absolutely a great boost in our artist career. We participated in the Savej remix contest for his track "Solstice" a few months ago. We won this contest and since then we have the chance to be involved in a lot of new amazing projects. So yes we are very grateful to LabelRadar which is definitely the place for great opportunities!!"
- Moai System
"I'm so happy to be a part of this big family and it's a good opportunity for all bedroom producers to post their work on this great platform. You guys are just so awesome and I appreciate your hard work in the music industry!"
"LabelRadar is a great place for new artists who want their music to be heard, especially if you don't know anyone in the music industry. Since my first release with Smile Creations Music Label, I've been recommending LabelRadar to my other producer friends who wants their music to be heard or discovered by other labels. You never know - you could be writing the next big hit, and LabelRadar is the perfect place to submit that next big hit! I also want to thank Smile Creations Music Label and their entire team for helping me open that door."
- Charesian
"LabelRadar helped me a lot! I was having trouble finding a label for my tracks, and they make everything simple. I signed 2 tracks and received more offers from labels to release, I think that it is a really cool page and works really well. I totally recommend it for both big and small artists!"
"I think LabelRadar is the best platform out there to help less famous artists get visibility. I really respect the creators of LabelRadar - thanks to LabelRadar, a song I really cared about will be released on a well-known record label!"
- Basswoofa
Falling North
"LabelRadar is such a powerful tool for all artists. In this time we live in, it really helps bridge the gap between talent and A&R. It takes the stress out of demo submission and makes it become a casual process. I will continue to use LabelRadar in submitting my original music to labels, as well as submitting my remixes to YouTube promoters."
- Falling North
Kin Aesis
"With LabelRadar, I was able to sign my first track ever on a major label. That was a huge step for my musical career. For me, LabelRadar is the best way to create connections between producers, labels and promoters. LabelRadar gives you access to huge labels like Armada, NCS, Monstercat and so much more. Also, when you send your demo, you can expect to get an answer."
- Kin Aesis
"LabelRadar has many active connections with amazing labels. This ultimately led me to release my music with Progressive Vibes Music. This was a very remarkable moment for me. I can definitely say that LabelRadar is one of the best services out there to help us to find labels that share the same vision as ours."
- Hahnejo
"LabelRadar made my job easier. In the past I used to send endless emails that took a long time with little success. LabelRadar puts you in touch with the major record labels and gives you the opportunity to interact with them and propose your tracks. Thanks to the LabelRadar team for this incredible opportunity!"
- Raflesia
Solar Burst
"LabelRadar is a great concept. No need to send demos to 50 different labels when you can send it just once to LabelRadar and then several labels will listen to your demo. I have managed to get my own, and also collaboration - tracks signed through LabelRadar and what's best with LabelRadar is that those tracks can be of many different genres, just like I've had."
- Solar Burst
"LabelRadar is an amazing platform for artists who want to get their work out there to be signed and released. They facilitate a streamlined experience all the way from uploading the music, corresponding with labels, to the final contract signing and release phases. There are a large number of labels on the platform and all the ones I've worked with so far have been super responsive and a pleasure to work with. Definitely a game changer. Cheers!"
- BackstoryDisco
"This platform is helping independent artists, providing lots of connections to get your music heard by the right people. It is easier to submit a track on the platform, so it saves time and energy for artists. Since I have been using LabelRadar, I worry less about how I am going to release my songs. The best part is when you get feedback from different labels - it helped me know my moves better. So thank you LabelRadar for this amazing platform. It's highly recommended!"
- Slambang
DJ Ditch
"When the email from Blanco y Negro arrived, I could hardly believe I was able to publish the track with them. Thanks to LabelRadar I was able to get in touch with one of the biggest record labels!"
- DJ Ditch
Jake van Zoete
"As a solo musician working from my home studio, I never thought it would be this easy to get my music heard by others in the industry. Thanks to LabelRadar, my song Goshpel was signed to BringNewUnity!"
- Jake van Zoete
Mark Kaylan
"LabelRadar is so cool! You can easily share your tracks with labels and they also give you a feedback on your track! This site is really, really cool and it helped me join my new family at ProgressiveHouseMusic!"
- Mark Kaylan
"For me, LabelRadar is the new way to get signed on label. You should forget emailing demos because in my experience, most of them don't answer. With LabelRadar, response is mandatory and sometimes, with interesting feedback. I got signed on Wolf Beats and Blanco y Negro! I don’t think I could have done it without LabelRadar."
- Vaxxder
"I had been working on a track of mine that was outside of my typical style. I didn’t know which label to send it to. I decided to put the track on LabelRadar as I could increase my chances of reaching the right label there. The track was on LabelRadar for a while and I’d gotten rejection upon rejection from 16 record labels in total. I had actually forgotten about it until I suddenly got 3 interested labels who wished to sign it. I decided to go with UXN as they seemed to believe in it the most. When it got released, I got great support from fans of both UXN and Bengston. If I had sent the track to the labels myself, I would probably have given up after around 10 rejections but because of the way LabelRadar works, my track ended up finding the right label and the right audience."
- Bengston
"I started producing a year ago and I didn’t know how to get my music in front of the right people. LabelRadar made it easy to submit my songs and speak to the proper A&R. Since I started I’ve received a few offers and recently released my new single 'Under Your Wings' with UMH!"
- Halso
"I have been using LabelRadar for quite some time and trust me, it's the best place to start and send demos. A few months back I tried using LabelRadar and sent one of my tracks to the label Dffrnt Records called 'So Lost.' They absolutely loved the track and I ended up getting a release from them!

I plan to use LabelRadar more for my future projects. It's a great website. 🙂 "
"LabelRadar is the best demo submission platform for me. It's exactly what a new artist needs to contact the right labels. The platform helped me to sign my first track with Zildeep and the experience was amazing! Thank you LabelRadar team for this incredible support and opportunity!"
"Nowadays, it's pretty difficult to get your music promoted or released by a label. LabelRadar is a great solution to get your music known! Thanks to this platform, I had my first publication by a label."
Siix & Serello
"As young producers we didn’t really know where to send our music. We came across LabelRadar and couldn’t be more pleased. They send your demos out to the label of your choice, it’s amazing! We got signed by Equatos Recordings on our first track and now have 3 tracks signed through LabelRadar! Thanks again guys, you rock!"
- Siix & Serello
Ryder Sinclair​
"LabelRadar is super simple to use and has a great selection of labels from big to small. I got my two first tracks signed via LabelRadar!"
- Ryder Sinclair​
Avian Invasion
"LabelRadar has taken the time-consuming task of sending my creations to labels and streamlined it into a straightforward process. As an artist, my time is more valuable than anything else, and LabelRadar gives me more time back in the engineer’s seat instead of the marketing seat. Now if only they could do the same with booking agents…"
- Avian Invasion
Terror Yaki
"I am glad to say that I have chosen LabelRadar as my major platform to find new opportunities. My single 'Treasure' is released through ALL41 records, and through this opportunity I was introduced to new opportunities and knowledge, thank you ALL41 and thank you LabelRadar! Looking forward to the next release!"
- Terror Yaki
"I love LabelRadar because it gives smaller artists like me a chance to be heard. Every time I have a new finished track I always love to submit it to LabelRadar. I was even able to get my very first record label deal after i submitted my song 'Falling For You'. I will continue to to use LabelRadar as its been a very helpful website."
- Ravian
"When I initially signed up for LabelRadar, I knew basically nothing of getting my music out there. Since getting my first track signed through the platform, I've been put in contact with people who know what they're doing a lot more than I do in the industry. That in itself is invaluable to us small artists. I really appreciate how easy LabelRadar has made it to get in touch with people like this through a shared taste for music."
- AdamJLE
Johnny E
"As a music producer it can be hard to send out the correct emails to labels, or A&R management companies when you have a new track. Once I learned about LabelRadar I was immediately interested as the labels come to you! I successfully signed my track 'Purity' to a big label and I was able to do it with free credits that were provided to me monthly! I highly recommend checking them out! Saves valuable time and effort and well worth it!"
- Johnny E
Ja Magda


"I feel absolutely over the moon to have won Global Producer Challenge by LabelRadar and Beatport. I was shocked to learn that I qualified in the top 30 finalists among 3,000 participants, not to mention being selected by Rekids Records during the first round. The most surprising of all was when I discovered that I received the most public votes. Groove and proper arrangement of the instruments was the main focus for me in this project, as I was inspired by groove masters like Truncate, Ben Sims, Stef Mendesidis, and many more. I experimented with the chords, vox, and drums to come up with my own unique idea. "
- Ja Magda
"LabelRadar is the COOL place for young artists like me to be discovered, I signed my first track using LabelRadar some years ago and I've signed tracks with more awesome labels since. Thanks LabelRadar!"
- SalexuS
Smiles Only
"LabelRadar has been absolutely incredible to our career and our creativity. We used to spend hours sending demo submissions to labels and being a rising bass trio, this often took hours to do. Thanks to LabelRadar, this process takes minutes giving us way more time to create.

Within 3 months of submitting through LabelRadar, our tune 'Memories' finally found a home on Jendex Records, a label with massive support from notable artists of different genres and demographics. We continue to use LabelRadar for all of our demo submissions and are all so glad such a platform exists!"
- Smiles Only
Great Notion
"LabelRadar has helped me to find a home for a number of my tracks on different outlets that fit my unique style. In a world with so many choices it can be very difficult to find the right place to send any track. LabelRadar makes it easy to find a good fit for your music like it did for my track 'Stars on Fire', which was signed to Blacktone records and now has over 50,000 streams on spotify."
- Great Notion
Lee Roy Mondo LabelRadar
“LabelRadar helps get your music heard in such a huge, complex industry which is traditionally very frustrating to navigate. But then I came across LabelRadar and got my song picked up by the exciting Blanco y Negro. It's a wonderful feeling and I'm very grateful to LabelRadar!"
- Lee Roy Mon'do
Fake Kakes
"It's been an amazing journey with LabelRadar. It seemed impossible to find record labels and promoters. LabelRadar provides an all in one solution to hours of searching and contacting labels. It saved me a lot of time, money and energy. Really thankful for such a great platform!"
- Fake Kakes
"LabelRadar is a game changer when it comes to finding new labels and submitting your music, they have essentially done the leg work for you and brought them to one place that you can quickly and easily distribute your music. We have had much success signing our last 3 tracks through the platform on great labels such as Blanco y Negro, Jendex Records and SWUTCHmusic! We highly recommend using this service."
- HybridBeats
Max Project
"LabelRadar is the best thing that can happen to an artist, it is the perfect platform to connect between artists and labels. Thanks to LabelRadar I was able to sign a record deal with Glitchworld Recordings. My congratulations to the entire team of this beautiful platform."
- Max Project
"It’s always a good experience to get in contact with record labels through LabelRadar, it’s very convenient and easy to use. I recently signed my first track through the platform and the whole process went smoothly! Definitely a fan favorite among music producers and singers!"
Stone Forte
"LabelRadar is the go to platform to send out your latest music, its easy to use and has a fantastic list of labels. It also helps if you’re struggling finding labels to suit, they have a nice little filter feature."
- Stone Forte
Sour Pong
"Releasing music is hard! As an artist, most of the time you reach out the answer is simply 'no'. Through LabelRadar I was able to sign my first track 'Drips' with BNU, and it has since been released on major platforms. I'm very grateful for this opportunity, and the experience has made me realize it is actually possible to find people that want to release your music!"
- Sour Pong
"Being a new artist in today's music industry can be extremely challenging, to gain momentum you need to reach potential fans, doing this alone can be very difficult. Record labels are the gate keepers to making that happen. Within my first month of using Label Radar i managed to get some music signed to Clutch Records, instantly reaching their 100,000 followers! This gave me a huge confidence boost and simultaneously generated some credibility when approaching other labels. I can't recommend their service enough and am grateful for every opportunity they have provided!"
- Lushen
"LabelRadar has done a fantastic job of democratizing the pitching system to labels. I didn’t have to worry about whether I’d emailed the right person at the label, whether they listened to my demo at all, or trying to figure out what their stance on my track was. All of that has been streamlined on the platform and has already gotten me one release with Wolf Beats and many offers; and these are sure to not be my last.”
- Hipst3r​
"LabelRadar is extremely rewarding. I sent in more than 3 tracks to major labels and they have all been heard and even accepted. This would not have happened to me had I just written to the demo mails. That is why LabelRadar is a clear recommendation from me."
- BeatBrackerz
"I’m a published artist under the names Shock Osugi and Narcotic Ninjas, but when I launched one of my new artist aliases: SO81, I decided to give LabelRadar a try. Within a week, multiple record labels within the right genres listened to it and the track was signed to BNU the following week. The album soon reached the Beatport top 10, so I’m very happy with the value that I got from LabelRadar. Keep them on your Radar. 😉"
- SO81​
Vooz Brothers
"With no special expectations, we uploaded our demo to the LabelRadar platform and the truth is that pretty quickly they approached us from Manual Music. from there the road to signing 'Gambo Dance' was short. We think it has definitely contributed to the continuation of our career and we highly recommend using the site- it is simple, it is convenient and it has proven itself."
- Vooz Brothers
"LabelRadar helps me improve my skills to create quality music for labels, my skills have greatly improved based on the feedback I've received on the platform so far! The best thing is that, with LabelRadar I can submit my music/demos to the right label, thanks LabelRadar!"
"LabelRadar is a great platform - I got the opportunity to release my track by using it. I sent in my demo and two global labels answered interested in releasing it. I was signed to Gnix and my streams on all platforms increased. Thank you LabelRadar for helping me and I will continue using it!"
"We would call LabelRadar an absolutely ideal platform to connect with labels, there's literally nothing as convenient and interactive as LabelRadar out there. It helped us get our first ever label release on the prestigious label 'Different Records', we're so grateful and will always keep LabelRadar as our first and only preference to send demos to labels, cheers!"
- Moonface
Mason Spikers
"LabelRadar is a perfect platform for upcoming producers who wish to share their music to the world. I got a track ‘Our Story’ picked up by SoundoRED and would like to thank them so much for the support. If a track doesn’t get selected, they leave constructive feedback on why it was rejected and that helps my motivation. I highly recommend using LabelRadar."
- Mason Spikers
"LabelRadar has helped me grow as an artist. Without a doubt it has provided me with key insights into the process of demo submissions, as well as the quality demanded by the industry. I will never forget the excitement of signing my first track 'Hivement' with my friend Flero. The platform has helped me push myself in terms of creativity and quality. I highly recommend the site to new producers because it opens an entire new avenue of possibilities. LabelRadar has given me the opportunity to release tracks with labels such as Ninety9Lives and Connected Sounds, and for this I am grateful."
- Vasily​
Paul Garzon
"Thanks to LabelRadar I was able to sign my 3 tracks on Magic Records, one of them is 'Vellichor' with more than 300k plays on Spotify. I find this platform very intuitive and one of the easiest ways to contact many labels around the world, and what I like the most, apart from the fact that there are very good labels here, is that you will always have the guarantee of getting a response, you don't have to wait months to find out if the label likes your track or not. I will definitely keep sending my demos here! 🙂"
- Paul Garzon
"Alone With You was our first track ever sent as a demo with LabelRadar to a notorious record label (Diversity) which was directly signed and released. We've struggled many times to make us hear and noticed by the labels and with this platform, we've had our first success. LabelRadar is the no. 1 resource for artists and music producers and we cannot be more than happy to be a part of it!"
- SkiDropz
"LabelRadar allowed us to quickly and easily share our music with labels. After a very short time we received a sign. We are very happy with the fast and uncomplicated procedure. The bottom line is LabelRadar is the perfect solution when dealing with demo submission! On the whole, LabelRadar is a very good site to share your songs with labels or promoters for demo submission."
“LabelRadar is the perfect solution for demo submissions. I signed my 2nd single with Blanco y Negro using the platform."
- Seagma
Morning Tune
"LabelRadar is awesome. It really helps a lot with getting your track signed by any label, even as a free user like me. Every month I receive 5 free credits from LabelRadar to continue submitting my tracks, which is amazing. My track just got signed to Music Store. Huge thanks and it really helps a lot. It is the best way to contact labels without emailing them. LabelRadar also gives some you opportunities to join contests and win awesome prizes, which I really like. This is it! In this platform, anyone can be a successful artist and achieve their musical dreams. Big Love!"
- Morning Tune
Fusion Bass
"My track 'Feel My Fire' was recently signed to Purple Dinosaur Music on the LabelRadar platform! In addition, my tracks 'Close Your Eyes' and 'Big Boss' were also signed through LabelRadar to the Sprite Recording label."
- Fusion Bass
“We’ve been using LabelRadar for the past year; we're a small team, and we need to be putting energy and time into the right places. Hunting for contact information and tailoring submissions is time consuming, and LabelRadar has really helped us to efficiently promote and pitch to those who should hear it - I signed a single to Blanco y Negro thanks to LabelRadar!

Since my music is varied, being able to track my pitches as well as developing and maintaining relationships with different labels and promoters from inside one platform has made everything a lot easier. The 'one to many' option is great as well, since you never know who might be interested and it could lead to a surprising new opportunity!”
Djan Topukchu
"LabelRadar is a great platform to showcase your tracks to many labels at once. It helps artists connect with the labels which may often be the most challenging task in today's music industry."
- Djan Topukchu
The Biotechs
"Considering the highly competitive current music industry, LabelRadar is the perfect music platform for being heard. We actually got our two tracks 'Don’t Let Me Go' and 'Take On The World' signed on Blanco y Negro; we couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. We would like to thank the LabelRadar team for providing such a complete and useful service for worldwide producers.”
- The Biotechs
Last Bar LabelRadar
"LabelRadar helped me get my first label signing within months of me getting to a point where I felt like I wanted to release music. My single 'I Can't Lie' got signed to DJ Mismatch's label Open House Records. Reaching out to labels as a new artist can be exhausting and the worst part is the waiting game not knowing if they even opened your demo email, or did they listen and it just was not for them? With LabelRadar you get visibility into all that to really know where you are at, and get good feedback along the way! Really appreciate that there is a solution like it out there for up and coming artists."
- Last Bar
Aster Jarr​
"Coming out of the blue and getting signed with Black Sunset Music within two days of uploading was only possible as we landed on LabelRadar. Submitting music demos was never easier, all we had to do is a few clicks and we found the right label. It is a hassle-free medium for producers and labels as well. LabelRadar gave us freedom from demo emails."
- Aster Jarr​
Marco Burani
"LabelRadar, It really works! I started using it, I signed my new track in a few days with Blanco y Negro. Now I am trying other tracks and LabelRadar will help me to reach my future goals."
- Marco Burani
"Producing music is a joy but promoting is frustrating. I was self-releasing my tracks for years until I found LabelRadar. My track was picked up by Big Tunes Records, and I have released many tracks with them. With LabelRadar I don’t have to go through the hassle of promoting. The platform takes care of it. I’m really glad that I found LabelRadar and grateful for what it has done for me."
- Yaksha
No Kompass
"LabelRadar is a great tool to connect artists to labels. I wasn't sure what label I wanted to send to, but with LabelRadar's One To Many option, I was able to submit my track to all the labels on the platform, and find a label to work with on releasing my track!"
- No Kompass
Joseph Crime
"Everything changed when I discovered LabelRadar. Before that, I'd spend precious hours researching music label contacts and demo drops, only to realize weeks later that the tracks were never listened to. Right after trying the LabelRadar PRO subscription, I signed my 1st track to Black Sunset Music. It gave me a lot of confidence, and soon after that, I secured releases with Manual, Rave Up and other labels. It's a definite game changer!"
- Joseph Crime
"There's no doubt new or up-and-coming artists have a tough time searching where to go when ready to release a new track. There are so many avenues to explore with little explanation of the best way to get a song signed. LabelRadar has easily proven it's the right platform to be on! I decided to upload my latest track 'You & Me' to the dashboard, submit it to my favorite record labels that would be a good fit for the tune, and BOOM... every submission was listened to and two of them wanted to sign the track! This led to tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and a whole new fanbase eager to hear my future songs. After all the days, weeks, and months you put into your next banger, you want to make sure it gets heard by the right person to increase your exposure as an artist; LabelRadar is the way to go!"
- Hevvy
Joseph Max
"LabelRadar is the ideal platform for beginning artists like me, it is easy in use and you have much greater opportunities to sign your tracks at labels! I would recommend this platform to every producer!"
- Joseph Max
DJ Legend Officiel
"I am extremely happy with my experience on LabelRadar! Whenever I needed help (and I need it often), there was always someone at LabelRadar to help me! I don't know how long I've been registered, but one thing is for sure - I don't see the day when I would unsubscribe from LabelRadar! Thanks to them I finally made my passion for music live! I have found Labels which have been seduced by my musical tracks, thank you LabelRadar!"
- DJ Legend Officiel
Cloudy LabelRadar
"LabelRadar is an amazing platform. If I’m uploading my best work, *I know* it’s going to get heard!"
- Cloudy
Clinton Tarantino
"LabelRadar really helps streamline the process of demo submissions. I am able to quickly upload demos, drop them to to the labels I’d like to, and get the stats of my submission. I’d highly recommend it to anyone!"
- Clinton Tarantino
Cence Brothers
"LabelRadar is a really useful tool for contacting labels / promoters. For artists who are just starting out it is difficult to get in contact with major labels, with LabelRadar this process is greatly simplified and we believe that they are much more likely to listen to your demo. We started using it this year and thanks to that we signed with Different Records the release of 'You Know', our first track with a label."
- Cence Brothers
"I've been producing for some time now and over the past years if anyone asked me how I contact labels or how they should contact labels my answer was always 'LabelRadar'. LabelRadar has always been my go to option when contacting labels I know or even finding labels which are potentially interested in my songs. Trust me I've tried submitting to labels via emails, label submission forms and more but nothing is better and more consistent than LabelRadar. I got my song signed to UXN records instantly after sending it through LabelRadar. Just mark my words and try this awesome Platform out I'm very sure It would probably be the best decision you have ever made!"
- Pulsetronica
Michael Sigin
"LabelRadar is a great platform! Uploaded my tracks and in two days I already got some great feedback from labels! In a week I've got my first release on Revolt records!"
- Michael Sigin
Cat Dad
"LabelRadar helped me find a label looking to push my music out along with fellow musicians! It has been a great tool for me not only in self-promoting, but in improvement through their various remix contests and opportunities!"
- Cat Dad
Markus Miller
"LabelRadar helps me to promote my music. I come from Germany and as a progressive house producer you are not alone with your music on this planet and its hard to promote your music among all the other very good and talented producers. In the beginning nobody knows you. With LabelRadar many Labels get access to your tracks and listen to it to decide whether it fits to the label or not. Only one place to upload and share the track is great. So I uploaded my track 'I see you' and some days later... Intricate Records said yes to it and signed the track. So I really recommend using LabelRadar to promote your tracks. It's easy and helpful."
- Markus Miller
"LabelRadar has not just been a fantastic platform to use, but a unique platform that is different than others and more engaging! I got signed by BringNewUnity through LabelRadar and have met such amazing people in this label while gaining a great amount of reliable contacts. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t know any other platform more incredible and useful than LabelRadar!"
- Cathertzz
"Ninety9Lives for me was somewhere I used to always look up to and used to have dreams of being released with them, and LabelRadar helped to make that happen seamlessly. When I first looked into LabelRadar I found myself really enjoying the design and feel of the platform, and thanks to their easy methods of submitting to labels, I was able to release 2 tracks on Ninety9Lives which have had good success, and brought me a lot of new traction to my own music. The whole process was very easy and quick and I would highly recommend their service!"
- Fadent
“LabelRadar really changed my perspective on demo submissions. The upload and submission was so quick and easy via LabelRadar and they did the rest of the work. Within a few days Electronic Future got back to me and a few weeks later my track was released and the results have been great. I would really recommend using LabelRadar to any producer out there trying to get heard or even trying to get onto their dream label.”
- Holt​
"My experience on LabelRadar is always awesome and not just for the actual release I got, but how the all application itself is built! The fact that you can send demos to the labels (and we’re talking about strong ones) so easily is what we can call 'relationship', is something direct and true. Thank you for giving us producers the opportunity to have this amazing tool in our hands."
- N-Chased


"Winning the Charlotte Cardin remix contest was a total surprise. It helped me realise that being true to yourself with your music is a better way to go than simply trying to fit in. It also inspired me to release more original sounding tracks, the kind of stuff I would want to hear more of in the production world. Huge shoutout to LabelRadar for giving underground producers the space to get their name out in this way!" 
- TTen
"I am very grateful to LabelRadar, because they allow me to sign a track with a record label. Definitely highly recommended!"
- Elissandro
DMP Tunes
"LabelRadar has been great with the demo submissions. I was unsure at first as I was getting a lot of labels listening but not interested, but you have to go through the NO's to get the YES's. Then in 1 day, I had 3 tracks signed to Blanco y Negro Music and later that week I had another track signed to Wavebox Records. This is all thanks to LabelRadar - I would totally recommend these guys for your music promotion."
- DMP Tunes
"Using LabelRadar’s Pro membership gave me lots of great opportunities and most importantly the one on one contact to some big labels. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I’d be. They helped me get lots of my songs signed, without there easy to use platform I wouldn’t be who I am as an artist today."
- Modica
Ramqa Fifa
"Thanks to LabelRadar. It's really give me a big impact about on music career and I really appreciate it. LabelRadar is a great platform to promote music and find a label records. Hopefully LabelRadar can be a really helpful platform to the others and it's worth it."
- Ramqa Fifa
"LabelRadar has been a fantastic opportunity for me. Thanks to the platform, I was able to successfully sign a track with Rushdown. It couldn’t have been easier to communicate with the label using the platform. I was able to see step-by-step where my demo was in the process. It’s a lot better than just sending an email and hoping somebody reads it!"
- Convexity
Fallen Fenix
"LabelRadar is by far the best platform for music producers. As an artist, you usually have uncertainty whenever you send your tracks to record labels, often they won't listen to them and there is no way for you to know. LabelRadar not only makes things very comfortable, but you also receive a guaranteed and direct response from other record labels while making the process smooth and easy. For me, it has become a MUST when it comes to releasing my music."
- Fallen Fenix
"Thanks to LabelRadar, I have had the opportunity for my music to be heard by some of my dream labels - which I never thought would be possible! They have helped me to gain recognition from some of the top labels and even get my music signed to them! LabelRadar also motivates me to work harder when I see the opportunities that it can provide me with."
Alex Lee Dj
"I met LabelRadar a little by chance while surfing the internet looking for a professional solution to make my music known. I must say that these are small but huge initiatives that can change your destiny and that of music. LabelRadar is an opportunity to make your music known that you might not otherwise have. I thank the staff they were very kind from the first email."
- Alex Lee Dj
"LabelRadar is definitely a community you want to be a part of as a music producer. It just gives easy access to a lot of record labels and other opportunities like remix or collaboration contests. I was able to sign few records thanks to them, and I hope they will grow and give constant support to artists!"
- Drist
"LabelRadar makes it incredibly easy to send my tracks out to large and small record labels. I signed my first track 'Wasted Time' to Echo Collective last year and have continued to submit and sign tracks via the platform."
- Introspect
John Castel & Xan Castel
"Hello World! Working with LabelRadar is part of one of our best experiences. It is a very easy to use platform and it is very professional. Thanks to them we had the chance to be spotted by the very big label 'Blanco y Negro'. We highly recommend LabelRadar and we will continue to use this service. Cheers producers!"
- John Castel & Xan Castel
The Raining Bones
"We’ve got some dope experience using the LabelRadar and it played a key role in getting us signed! A great service both for new and established artists as well. PRO feature came in handy and greatly speeded up the process! Keep it up guys. 😉 "
- The Raining Bones
"LabelRadar is the best platform for any upcoming artist/producers to connect with the right Label & Promoters, not only that they also provide you with great opportunities that can elevate your career to the next level. I sent my track 'Psycho' to Ninety9Lives and they picked it up, to date that track is getting great traction."
- Jackswan
"LabelRadar has been a real breakthrough. The ease of signing with a big labels, receiving notices when they listen to demos and discovering new labels is amazing! In my case, thanks to LabelRadar I was able to sign my first track with Different Records quickly and very comfortably."
"LabelRadar has given me the chance to get my music out there to the world when I knew nothing about how to promote myself in the music industry. The whole process was super simple, and it allowed a small-time Soundcloud artist like myself to be on the same public streaming platforms as all the major artists, and it's totally free to do so! Now I'm more motivated than ever to crank out new music, knowing that I'll have a reliable outlet after I finish tracks. So far I've released one single, 'some thoughts' with Singularity Records, but with access to LabelRadar as such a powerful tool, I'll be able to do so much more in the future."
- Zenyu
"LabelRadar was for me the easiest platform to submit your demo to and get a lot of different record labels (small and big) to listen and give feedback on what you have done. I realized there was a lot more labels out there than just the big ones. So I ended up signing my track 'Rising Sun' with Jendex Records, which gave me a good push in my music career."
"Starting out in music, I really thought that getting on any kind of label would be tricky, but using LabelRadar immediately opened the gates to hundreds of fantastic promoters and labels on the platform that I was frankly shocked to see. I ended up getting several responses back from various labels and over the years, I've grown tons of relationships through the platform!

I'm generally someone to recommend people try and get some self-releases out, however, with how easy and quick LabelRadar is to use, I find myself suggesting it to more and more people. Frankly, without LabelRadar, I truly think I wouldn't have the same amount of success that I've achieved now."
- Britec
"LabeRadar helped me as a new upcoming artist to gain popularity quickly and gave me connections to labels & promoters, which is really amazing. I was so glad when The Arcadium reached out to me. So thank you LabelRadar for everything, because without the platform I don't think I would be in The Arcadium. Also, LabelRadar offers a lot of remix contests, which is cool and enables everyone to get involved, so thanks for helping me out and I hope you guys keep up the good work!"
- MKAliez
"LabelRadar has been fundamental for our artistic growth. This platform is truly amazing! We were able to sign with a label for the release of our song 'Let Me Go' quickly and easily. We are really proud of this achievement, but more will surely come!"
- Duglas
"Big labels receive so many demos that it is very difficult for them to listen to you if you are not famous. I believe that this platform helps anyone who wants to be heard and gives you the opportunity to access large labels that accept demos on LabelRadar."
- TTwins
"I will always be grateful to LabelRadar - thanks to this platform I released my first track 'Damned Angel'. It gave me a boost of confidence and allowed make a step further in my career. Thanks LabelRadar!"
- G-Stroke
Dimple Music
"Thank you so much to LabelRadar for always saving our time and building our connection with labels! As a beginner producer it's hard for all of us to find the right label for our track, but with your service it's so easy - I really appreciate it!"
- Dimple Music
Mark & Adam​
"LabelRadar has really helped us get our music out to labels more quickly and efficiently. We have found homes for our tracks on multiple labels using LabelRadar and have been able to build relationships with these record companies and have had quiet a few of our tracks signed using the service. It’s also a great place for feedback! Producers and musicians on any level should use LabelRadar, we fully recommend it!"
- Mark & Adam​
"LabelRadar is one of the best platforms for track submission to labels. Easy to use, quick reply and there are so many labels in every genre! The best way to use it is to send your music to all the labels in your genre. If your music is ready you will find your label. Thanks to team LabelRadar."
- Delistic​
"LabelRadar has been my only opportunity to get my demos actually listened to. In other platforms, you're not sure if A&R teams ever even listen to yours, if they even clicked on your mail, BUT not in LabelRadar."
- Prelyude
Alan Atlas​
"When I started I never thought I'd make it in the industry. Reaching labels looked more difficult to a beginner like me. However, I gave it a shot. I got better at my game day by day and I came across this very cool website called 'LabelRadar' which helped me get signed to labels. No matter how bad you are, you can always learn to be better. The rest LabelRadar handles itself, that's what I like about it. All you have to focus on is making good music."
- Alan Atlas​
"For me LabelRadar has been a trampoline for my career as a producer, here I have found an easy and direct way to communicate with different labels, this is how I signed my first release with Blanco y Negro 'Warning' which got more than 200.000 plays on spotify and youtube, thank you really, if you're a novel producer it's the best tool for fame."
Eden Levy
"This is so awesome that we can send demos to labels in such a convenient way these days. LabelRadar made it so simple and reachable, instead of sending emails that just go to probably nowhere and without the possibility to see if the labels even listened. I got my track signed by RaveUp records and my track reached 100K Streams on Spotify!"
- Eden Levy
“LabelRadar is an amazing platform for producers that are trying to get their music heard by the right people. Thanks to it, I managed to get one of my upcoming tracks signed to a great label, easier than before. “
"I’ve made a track without any expectations in the beginning of this year. It sounds completely different from music I usually produce. Track was made in few days and I sent right after mixing to a label they answered me at the same day! We’ve signed it in few days and now it’s on all major platforms. I have to say that LabelRadar is great opportunity to be heard by labels and I wanna say thank you for this!"
"Using LabelRadar I was able to connect with a label that I’ve been wanting to release a song on for a while. I submitted my song and about 1 day later I heard back that my song had been accepted. I was very pleased with how easy it was to submit and how fast they responded. In the end I ended up submitting another song and having it released allowing me to connect with more artists and many labels I plan to release on next!"
- Hyperex


"Cosmic was my very first signed track! I've been perfecting it for years, and when it sounds 'ready', LabelRadar is the only place I know where I can find a label that would actually release my track on digital platforms! Everything is easy to setup on the website! The perfect solution for an upcoming artist like me to get heard by labels worldwide!"
- River
Oleg Novosad
"LabelRadar is an amazing space for young producers and musicians. Through the service I've signed my single 'Tududum' with RaveUp Records, made a remix on Andrew Rayel's track, got a chance to collaborate with different artists, and much more. I am using it on a daily basis and I am very happy that I found it. Recommend it to everyone!"
- Oleg Novosad 
"Even though I make music in my free time I was happy to see my song getting signed by a label for the first time. I came to know about LabelRadar from discord and I decided to try it out and got my first song signed to Connected sounds. I'm happy that I tried LabelRadar because if I hadn't, then my music wouldn't be available on many other streaming platforms right now. I can say that LabelRadar is the best place for new artists to get their songs signed into a label. New artists should definitely check this website out."
- JBZ99​
Dominik Friz
"I personally prefer to publish my music myself and LabelRadar gives me the perfect opportunity to send my work to big promoters like BoostedMusic (450k Subscribers). This means that LabelRadar offers a wide range of services and helps me to build my own small business.“
- Dominik Friz
"It was so hard for me to get my demos out before LabelRadar. I was sending a lot of emails to all these different labels and artists just to get no answer at all. My brother showed me LabelRadar and how easy it was to get my music out there for people to listen to. After I shared my music over LabelRadar I signed four songs with Blanco y Negro, and I was so happy that so many other people could listen to my music."
- Tiien
"I've signed my first track, which gave me an initial boost that we all need to build on. Since then, I got so many amazing new opportunities in my music career and it all started on LabelRadar."
- Dammak
"LabelRadar has been a completely new experience for me in my career as an artist and producer. It was my first time getting seen by labels and even getting signed. Thanks to the easy ways to submit your work and the great connections on this platform I am hoping for even bigger results in the future! Big THANKS for everything so far!"
- Blvr
MilkBoi Jnr
"LabelRadar made it really easy for me to launch my artist project and pitch out my debut track to labels for release. I now work closely on all my releases with the label I met through LabelRadar."
- MilkBoi Jnr
"LabelRadar is one of the best opportunities for any young music producers like myself. Had a blast sending music throughout the world through this platform, and am excited to continue my journey! Signed with Ninety9Lives via LabelRadar and have more opportunities to share my music with everyone. This platform has done wonders for me and I am very grateful for the chances to share music with the people who love EDM as much as I do!"
- Ultrx
"LabelRadar helped me when I was stuck with sending demos to labels. It took me some time and work, but soon the first label wanted to sign me. This is the best way to send your songs to a label, even if they say 'NO' - you know that you need to work on your music. LabelRadar is the best submission platform now on the internet, I’m still using it!"
- Kou
Lone Drop
"LabelRadar is great! It put me in touch with the label and I was able to publish my track 'Fall for It' with Blanco y Negro."
- Lone Drop
"I made music before, but the one thing that made the process hard was getting it out there. I make music for myself, but also for others, and LabelRadar connected me with the record label Connected Sounds, that let me reach others more easily. They released ‘Unknown world’ which is my favorite production, and also other tracks such as ‘Insert laugh’, and ‘False’, which are completely different genres! They gave me a chance, so you should give them one too. 🙂"
- Senpai
"LabelRadar has made it 1000x easier for new artists to get heard by labels. In my own experience I have gotten every track heard by the label I sent it to and most recently I was even signed by a label on the platform. I definitely recommend LabelRadar to anyone still sending demo emails!"
- MadRay


"Submitting demos can be thankless pursuit, with it being unclear who you are sending the demo to, have they listened, and the dreaded no feedback silence. With LabelRadar, I can select which label I want to submit the track for, typically a label that suits the style of my track, snip the elements of the track I want them to hear, see who has listened and who wants to engage further in terms of signing the track. I have used the platform for a number of my tracks to be successfully signed."
- 1516

Sami Mikael​ LabelRadar

"I received my first signatured song because of you and it's signed by one of the most legendary record label called Blanco y Negro. This is sick! I'm always thankful for you LR. 🙏❤️"
- Sami Mikael​
"LabelRadar is really changing the game of demo submissions. It allows new and experienced artists to get great contacts in the business and signings. I have already signed multiple tracks through this platform, including "No Place of No Pain". I can honestly say that this platform is the best out there, and it is so easy to use! Absolute game-changer. Thank you very much!"
- Yunget
"LabelRadar Is a brilliant way to distribute your music to a huge selection of both mainstream and more niche labels. There's even a section that tells you what a certain label Is searching for at the present moment in time, to help you target the correct label."
- NotDutch
"LabelRadar is a new way for me to get demos to the right ears, by which I mean the A&R managers of the biggest music entities. LabelRadar has streamlined the flow of vast numbers of demos so that both producers and labels have an easy demo approval process. With the help of LabelRadar, I was able to sign and release several recordings. I'm also a regular participant in remix competitions. Thank you LabelRadar for your innovative approach that has saved time, sped up and simplified the process of releasing music with labels."
- TomasBalaz
Kyle Wong
"LabelRadar has really made the label submission process painless! I've been able to sign tracks to labels easily and have a central place to keep things organized. It's really allowed me to focus on the music instead of promotion, which is really appreciated!"
- Kyle Wong
"I first heard about LabelRadar from a friend, I signed up and decided to upload a track to see what would happen, and suddenly the next day I got a notification that Ninety9Lives wanted to sign it! I honestly love the opportunities LabelRadar creates for artists! From uploading your original works to participating in competitions, it's simply amazing!"
- Kaixo
"Since signing my first song with LabelRadar, it's been great. This community opened up many opportunities for me and my career!"
"After putting countless hours of work into my track, I made it exactly into what I envisioned it to be. Finding a label for my track could have been a very daunting task, however, LabelRadar made it incredibly easy for musicians like me to find and release music with the perfect label. It is a very easy and straightforward platform to use. Thank you LabelRadar for playing a significant part in my musical success!"
- Sazu
"Getting my first track signed using LabelRadar has been an amazing experience. I remember uploading my track onto the platform and literally a couple of hours later my first label message popped which led to my track getting signed. I couldn’t believe it! It gave me the confidence to start putting my music out there and not long after my first track got signed, I had another signed by Mystery Freedom Records. LabelRadar has become a very important part of my music career and it will be something I will be using for a long time ahead."
"LabelRadar is a platform of a new generation that cuts the distance between musicians and labels. I decided to give it a go, and the first track I uploaded ended up as a two track release on RaveUp Alley. LabelRadar has a fantastic friendly interface, and really has a huge potential."
- In'R'Voice
"LabelRadar is the best platform to be heard by the big labels, I have been using it for over a year and the opportunities are incredible. I also discovered new record labels that I was unaware of and the truth is that I do not regret anything and will continue using it for a long time."
- AlaX
The Bear Mob​
"LabelRadar is a fantastic service for both artists and labels, streamlining the demo process. I was able to send my demos to some of my favorite labels, eventually landing a spot on one of them! I would definitely recommend this service for artists who want to break into the music scene."
- The Bear Mob​
"LabelRadar definitely gave me confidence, because in a short period of time I was able to find several labels that released my music. LabelRadar is a pleasant environment for any music producer who wants to develop their career."
- Yavore
"LabelRadar is the best place for young artists to be discovered Thanks for the support LabelRadar!"
- Taraa
"LabelRadar is simply the best solution to get your tracks heard by the big Labels. It was so hard to find a specific form or email to submit songs to them and not get lost in their mailbox. Since I've been using LabelRadar PRO, I can easily and quickly send the songs to my favorites and also get a quick response, as well as releases and promotions. I definitely recommend you to try this platform out and you will never regret it. Just wanna thank the team behind this Site. You are giving us a base for our career, and lots of positive energy to produce more and more."
- SilentCrafter
"LabelRadar has definitely helped me grow my profile to what it is now. I submitted my song Run After You to the platform and, within a day or two, I found myself discussing signing it with a label. Run After You is now my most popular song that I have released yet. I also have connections within the industry that I never would’ve had if it weren’t for LabelRadar."
- NathenBray
Jay Vibery
"LabelRadar is the best thing that could have happened between artists and labels. I’ve managed to sign so far 2 tracks and I’m super excited about this. In my opinion this website should be the top pick for any artist looking to make the big breakthrough in the music industry."
- Jay Vibery
"LabelRadar is an amazing tool for networking. The fact that I have the ability to reach out to and negotiate with labels for music releases AND being able to send demos to playlist and promo channels and help expand my outreach in the same place is wild. Highly Recommended."
- AquaMarine
"Thanks to LabelRadar I have managed to contact different labels in the world in a fast and simple way, in this way all your time can be focused on producing new music."
"LabelRadar is simply the best platform to get your music signed and easily in front of labels and promoters!"
Root Introvert
"I’ve been using LabelRadar to send my demos since when I didn’t even know what mixing and mastering are. Almost 10 months after I started using this, My original track got promoted by NextGem (formerly known as ByeByeCopyright). After that, I signed my other tracks with NCN (NoCopyrightNation) and RaveUpRecords (Soundo RED).

On LabelRadar, all you have to do is just upload your track and choose a 20 second clip, which enables you to focus more on making music."
- Root Introvert
Young lil
"For any upcoming artist out there, LabelRadar is the best platform for you to start with your demo with no money."
- Young lil
Nete Ridruejo
"The first time I signed a track with a big label was using LabelRadar. The platform makes it easier producers to send their music to labels and to be heard by them. Thanks to them, I’ve taken a big step forward in my music career!"
- Ñete Ridruejo
"LabelRadar has been an absolute blessing for my music. I managed to sign the very first song I ever submitted via LabelRadar with a label that has continued to be an absolute pleasure to work with! For every song I had that was signed, there were two others that were not, but with LabelRadar's system, feedback is always really helpful and easy to get. This process has allowed me to improve my craft, going from just one song to now five, four of which were through LabelRadar! What they give you for free is what I've used almost exclusively as it is usually enough, but when I want to do more, their prices for additional services and credits are easily affordable and well worth the purchase. I foresee myself using LabelRadar well into the future, and I hope anyone who is skeptical about them can rest much easier after reading this! Here's to the future!"
"I discovered LabelRadar when looking for a record label to release my first track. Not knowing what to expect I uploaded my song and lo and behold: my track got signed! This was really encouraging and made me feel valued as an upcoming music producer. It boosted the confidence in my skills and my music, and with the help of LabelRadar, I’m sure many more tracks will follow!"
- Styptic
“LabelRadar has opened a door for producers, being able to send demos directly to A&R’s at top labels has helped my music career grow substantially. I have signed 3 tracks via LabelRadar, which wouldn’t have been possible without their service. Thanks for helping new music get discovered!”
"Thanks to LabelRadar I enhanced my music career, it permitted me to step up my music reach to another level and gain new listeners and new opportunities to sign my songs to the best labels. Thanks for this incredible opportunity!"
- Bromo
"LabelRadar is a great platform for upcoming artists like myself! I sent my demos to a few labels and I ended up signing 5 of my songs to Blanco y Negro Music, couldn’t be happier!" 🙂
- Misha
"LabelRadar is the perfect platform and the easiest way for new artist to promote their tracks to labels and promoters. Through LabelRadar we got our very first track signed with a local label. Game Changer!"
- offthechain
"LabelRadar opened my career as an artist. For the first time in my life, I got my song signed with a brand new label called Red Sprite Recordings. LabelRadar is an revolutionary solution for me to save my time. Now I don’t have to open every labels home page, look for their e-mail address and send them the demos one by one. Thanks to them, I now spend less time sending demos and more time to make new music. It’s definitely worth it."
- Vollnot

"The beginning is never easy! But I enjoyed that too. I just wanted people to recognize my music and connect to the emotion it shows. The remix competition of a song 'Haunted' released on Elliptical Sun Music was a real game-changer for me. I made the remix in 3 days due to time constraints. I submitted it with a little hope to win but i wasn't sure enough about the track. A few weeks later they announced the winners on twitch and I couldn't believe myself I won!! The biggest achievement of my life till date and it was possible because of LabelRadar. It made me believe in my music.  Also, I got my life's first label release through LabelRadar. Thank you so much for giving a booster to my music career!

This website has a lot of potential and I will definitely be connected to it in my future too! 😊"
- FarKnown

"I'm still at the beginning, but I've managed to win 3 remix contests (2 on LabelRadar) and currently, I'm working to present good new music to the market!"
- Lelluha
“LabelRadar has been a huge component in helping us find new opportunities and reach new heights in the music industry. We’ve been using their service since they first started and have loved it ever since.

We were very excited when we heard about the remix competition NCS was hosting for 'Tom Wilson - Run For Your Life (ft. M.I.M.E)' as we already loved the track and wanted to see what kind of interesting spin we could put on it. We had a ton of fun working with the stems and were really happy to hear they liked what we did with the remix.

Thanks to LabelRadar, we were given this huge opportunity and had new doors open up for us. We look forward to continue working with them in the future and reach new goals we set for ourselves.“
"As a new artist I found it really difficult to get in touch with bigger labels without having a strong network of contacts, which is why I love how LabelRadar significantly evens the playing field. Thanks to them, I was able to get an opportunity to get my music heard by Lowly/Trap Nation and have an official remix released for one of my biggest inspirations - William Black. I hope even more labels join LabelRadar, and see anxiety-ridden emails & dead submission forms become a thing of the past!"
"LabelRadar is an extremely helpful tool for artists to practice the art of remixing. With plenty of ongoing contests there's plenty of opportunities to hone in on your craft and be discovered. You never know what can happen!"
- Warden
William Engel

"What an amazing contest, I really wasn’t expecting to win it. But I guess dreams do come true. Can’t wait to participate in new contests!"
- William Engel


"In my opinion, the hardest part about being an artist, aside from the technical production aspect, is traversing the intimidating world of the music industry. As a solo artist not signed to a major label, it is extremely hard to find the right exposure for my songs. LabelRadar has been the bridge that presents artists from all skill levels with great opportunities.
LabelRadar's platform is unmatched. Their pool of genres for their remix competitions and range of available labels/blogs/promoters to submit to provide so many avenues for success.

My song 'Don't' (200k+ streams) and my remix 'Nervous' (100k+ streams) were both pitched through Labelradar and received incredible exposure! Don't sleep on this!"
- Calibur

"I won the Aviella's 'Downtown Love' remix costest hosted by Dim Mak. I was so happy that my remix was released in Dim Mak. LabelRadar holds many remix contests that producers can challenge. You can challenge and win the competition if you're lucky."
Mozarts Ghost
"After over 20 years of making music, just for for the fun of it, I thought it would be nice to see if I could get any of my music signed. I had no clue where to put it, but after a quick search on the internet I found LabelRadar. With no knowledge of the industry and how to promote myself, LabelRadar made it easy to get everything started. It didn’t take long until I was contacted by BringNewUnity. They told me that they liked one of my songs and wanted to sign it."
- Mozart's Ghost
"LabelRadar is an amazing platform, it helped me to get my single 'Hold On To Me' out to all the labels I wanted to get in touch with. I decided to make the release on UMH from Spain, which was the perfect choice for me. I will without a doubt be using LabelRadar for my next single also. Huge thanks to the LabelRadar team, for making it so easy and possible to get the music out to the right people!"
Samuel Sonder
"As a new artist, getting your sound to a top quality level is a huge goal to achieve. But that is just the beginning. Being heard is the next hurdle, and LabelRadar is a fantastic solution. In an industry where transparency is rare, it can be overwhelming trying to not only find a label, but also the correct contacts. Even then, you could be competing with hundreds, or thousands, of other demos in a blackbox email address, and LabelRadar has a solution for all of it. From detailed information on labels, including genres they are specifically looking for, total fan reach across all platforms, and the ability to sort and filter and genre and style. Not sure where your track might fit? Use the One to Many and send your track to all of the labels on the platform to see which has interest. The One to One option is as straight forward as can be, and the best option to get your track in front of a label.

I am a perfect example of a new artist that utilized LabelRadar to get my first track 'Do You Realize' signed, and I could not recommend it more."
- Samuel Sonder
Florian Cassiede
"LabelRadar has changed the game. It is the ideal tool that allows me to easily reach labels even though I have no contact for them. I was able to sign my first track and that's where the adventure really started!"
- Florian Cassiede
"LabelRadar makes the hard task of sending demos and finding labels really easy. Personally, I think that their 'One to Many' option is awesome. It brings you a lot of possibilities, grouping by style and what are labels asking for at that moment. Simple and effective. Highly recommended!"
- Renzo
"LabelRadar offers an easy, efficient platform to access the right music labels. Since using LabelRadar we've had people really listening to our music and we got signed within a short period with Blanco y Negro. We’re really thankful to the team of LabelRadar and Blanco y Negro for this opportunity. We recommend LabelRadar to give your tracks a kickstart into the music business."
- ScruffyHeadz
"LabelRadar makes it so easy to connect with labels, even if you are completely new to the music scene. I never signed a track that fast and easy, the genre variety is insane and also the number of labels is huge. LabelRadar is my go-to option when I try to get labels to listen to my tracks."
- Spayds
Edgar Orn
"LabelRadar is a great platform and exactly what producers need right now. 🙂"
- Edgar Orn
"LabelRadar certainly creates a lot of opportunities for rising and upcoming artists. You don’t have to wonder whether the email that you using is working or not. You don’t have to bombard labels with the same messages all the time when you can just easily use one platform to get in touch with them. And this is definitely changing the game for artists who wish to sign their tracks and the labels which are looking for new music."
Jase Whatson
"Using the LabelRadar platform to find a suitable label for my uplifting trance track 'While We're Here' was a very nice experience. The platform makes the whole process of finding a suitable label simple and hassle free. LabelRadar is a tool I will continue to use in the future to reach and communicate with all labels, big and small in my genre."
- Jase Whatson
Steven Cano
"LabelRadar is amazing, just the best. You can reach the best labels in such a fast and safe way. It helps us grow as artists. I have signed with Blanco y Negro Music and I am so excited about this. It is the tool we all need."
- Steven Cano
“LabelRadar is a great platform for submitting music to labels and communicating with them. Website is easy to work and even easier for sending tracks away! Also a very affordable service for anyone!”
- MikeT
"LabelRadar allowed us to quickly and easily share our music with labels. After a very short time we signed a track. We are very happy with the fast and uncomplicated procedure. The bottom line is LabelRadar is the perfect solution when dealing with demo submission! On the whole, LabelRadar is a very good site to share your songs with labels or promoters for demo submission."
"I found LabelRadar by chance and since I wanted to try their service, I uploaded a demo that I'd probably never release independently. In less than three weeks I signed my first contract and started my career. And all for free.

They simplified the more stressful steps of the releasing a track. I'll keep using their service in future since it's just amazing."
- Rushyan
"LabelRadar has created a seamless outlet for artists to be able to get their music heard by large channels, and labels, and a way for artists to be able to find solid remix contests to enter for their music to be heard (I hosted one too). Highly recommend!"
"LabelRadar is a great way to connect with labels and artists to get your unreleased music signed and heard!"
- SMASH Nasty
"I started my adventure with music many years ago, when I managed to gain years of experience, the problem was to promote my productions in such a way as to go beyond the local community. Unfortunately, it was still not easy.

LabelRadar has become a light illuminating the darkness, which connects many artists, promoters and labels! Registration on the portal was a bull's-eye! Thanks to LabelRadar, I was able to quickly get Uplay Recordings label interested of my work. I am very grateful and I owe my success to LabelRadar in large part!"
- Vector
"Thanks LabelRadar for helping me find a label for my new song! I think LabelRadar is great because it is easy to find a label which fits to your style."
"I signed many tracks thanks to LabelRadar and I am completely grateful because in this way little by little I am listened to. My big dream is to show that everything can be done if you put in the will and effort, I want to show that you can sound good. A most sincere thank you to the LR team for helping me get my start."
- Ditto
“LabelRadar is a quick and easy way to send your Demos to big labels, it really helped me starting out and getting my first track released worldwide. This amazing system makes me able to get in touch with a lot of labels all around the globe that I’d have never known."
"LabelRadar is that platform where I feel comfortable to work in and demonstrate my musical ideas to labels I like. An easy-to-use and simply clever platform to get you noticed ASAP. Thanks and good luck LabelRadar Team!"
- AkMa
"LabelRadar is definitely a go-to music platform if you are keen on getting your tracks heard by multiple or a specific record label or promoter! I was able to sign my track 'Out of My Mind' with Connected Sounds through LabelRadar, and was amazed with how easy it was to send out a demo submission to multiple labels and promoters all with just a click of a button. Besides that, you can converse with labels and promoters through LabelRadar with ease, instead of getting e-mails which end up in the spam folder. LabelRadar provides a great opportunity to not only professional artists but also beginners too."
- Aprxii
Catch Me Brick
"When I finished my work 'Underworld', I wanted to send it to my favorite label Monstercat. After I visited their website, I saw that they use LabelRadar for receiving demos, so I registered and sent my track. Unfortunately I didn’t get to release my track on Monstercat, but I used LabelRadar's 'One to Many' submission feature to find other labels instead. My track was then signed by another great label instead!"
- Catch Me Brick
"As a new and young artist, you have a hard time finding Labels for your first release. After a lot of denials you get very tired of trying to submit your track to Labels. Well, with LabelRadar you have way more time creating new tracks instead of searching for Labels which may not want to sign you. LabelRadar is for everybody who still struggles to get in contact with the right labels. 🙂 Highly recommend it!"
- Cuemoonmusic
"LabelRadar was the perfect solution for me and makes sending demo emails obsolete. The combination of simplicity and functionality is simply unmatched which has greatly helped me in releasing my tracks. There is no doubt at all that I will continue using LabelRadar in the future."
"I found LabelRadar a great platform for getting my demo to the right label, I received notifications when my tracks were listened to and two of them were subsequently released!"
- Teartin
"There are many platforms available for artists to connect them with record labels out there. But I can comfortably say that LabelRadar is by far the most ahead of the game with their huge database of labels. I am confident that my song will be listened to, and I will receive Yes or No from the labels when I submit, which is one of the critical points that all artists would want. For other platforms, I cannot say the same thing. LabelRadar has helped me to get two tracks signed. Thanks for all the support."
Dissonance Trip
"I've tried self-publishing for my previous music project, and the results were a mixed bag. Between dealing with poor communication from distribution platforms, losing control of my tracks, and generally confusing policies, it just wasn't the way I wanted to go. Reaching out directly to labels wasn't much better, and took a lot of time. LabelRadar just made everything so much easier. I can just put the music out there and let it speak for itself, or even send a track directly to a label for them to listen on their own time. I wish I knew about LabelRadar much earlier - it would have saved me a lot of hassle!"
- Dissonance Trip
"LabelRadar is a fantastic platform and a real time-saver as it lets you connect with so many different labels that you'd otherwise have to individually reach out to when sending demos. I signed my track 'Atlas' to Uplay recordings through LabelRadar which has done really well and the overall process through LabelRadar was really straightforward. I highly recommend it as a platform to getting your music out there!"
- KayZen
Daniel Patrick Roy
"I got my first track, called 'New Dawn', signed by Progressive Vibes Music through LabelRadar. This was huge for me, and until such a thing happens for an up and coming artist such as myself, you never really believe that you are capable of producing industry quality music.

LabelRadar provided a very user-friendly platform to get my sound out there. It can be very frustrating not hearing anything back from labels that you have emailed your tracks to, wondering if anyone out there is giving your tracks even a quick listen. But since both big and small labels use LabelRadar, it's a great feeling knowing that many professional ears will be listening to your music. New artists just want a chance at music production success, and LabelRadar provides that chance. Thanks LabelRadar!"
- Daniel Patrick Roy
"I spent so much time sending emails to labels without having any kind of feedback, it was really frustrating. So one day I decided to do things differently and tried LabelRadar. I immediately found the platform super easy to use and It was really just a matter of time that I got signed with Jendex Records and release my first single 'Saturn'. I can only say that LabelRadar is the novelty that every young artist needs, to have the opportunity to emerge."
- g.i.o.r.d.y
"LabelRadar is an awesome platform for both upcoming and established artists to sign their music with great labels, for my own experience, I've signed my track 'Back To You' on Blanco y Negro music, which is very delightful. Looking forward to signing more tracks on the platform!"
- N3dek
"You don't need a manager - LabelRadar has your back for small artists!"
- Enine​ 
Zayah B
"LabelRadar was so easy to navigate, and I really appreciated the capability to reach any/all Labels & Channels through one platform. I loved the constant updates I received in regards to the Labels I was submitting my music to. To see that Ninety9Lives were interested in signing my track was an incredible feeling. Such a great experience, and I’m looking forward to using this platform for all of my future releases!"
- Zayah B
"LabelRadar is a good platform to easily contact many other labels and send demos of my albums. I am always grateful for this platform and use it well. It has helped a lot in my career, and I like the fact that I can choose a label that suits the music genre."
- A5ura
"Using LabelRadar was an incredibly straightforward process that made submitting demos a breeze. It’s difficult to describe the excitement I felt when I saw that Ninety9Lives had not only shortlisted my song 'Multiplayer', but had also decided to sign it! Without a tool like this, I’m certain my demo would have been buried in the mass of submissions major labels get every day. I’m incredibly grateful for the connections I’ve gained from using the platform, and look forward to even more in the future."
- Jonzo
"In this time where are there are so many producers looking for a label to sign with, I had trouble looking for a label to release my tracks. Since I started using LabelRadar, my track was seen by multiple labels and within just a few days had my first track signed. This gave me more confidence to create more unique tracks and I signed my second track via LabelRadar too. I'm very thankful to LabelRadar for giving new and upcoming producers/remixers a chance to showcase their talent on the platform."
- Ju5luv
"Coming into the music scene as an unknown artist with no online following is daunting when thinking about submitting to labels. LabelRadar provided the opportunity to connect with labels that seemed inaccessible to a new artist and allow the music to do all of the talking. I managed to sign my debut single 'Let You Go' with Ninety9Lives and have become a staple artist with them ever since, even appearing on their recent compilations."
- Aminica
"LabelRadar is so meaningful to me. I appreciate working with this platform because I have received such great support. The music I have released, especially the recent one 'In Your Eyes', which has been warmly received by 3m+ views on Youtube and 1m+ streams on Spotify, has been a vital part of my career. So I'd like to give many thanks to their amazing team."
- DG812
"Before discovering LabelRadar, it was so time consuming to send tracks to record labels. More than that, it was difficult to know which label would respond to its mail, as a lot of them seem to just not look at them. LabelRadar changed the way we're submitting music to labels. We know the big majority of them are listening to everything they receive. We are notified of that and can continue to search the perfect label for our music. Also, subscribing as a PRO member allows us to be at the top of their listening list, and it saves us so much time! This way we can have a super fast response (often in less than 24 hours) and continue searching if needed.

LabelRadar allowed me to sign my track 'Only' with Red Lake, a label I've been following for a long time now. I absolutely recommend the platform, as the price you pay is absolutely worth it!"
- Odhexan
"I'm very happy to be a user of LabelRadar because is such an AWESOME way to get in touch with all kind of Labels and Promoters around the world. I absolutely recommend LabelRadar to the upcoming producers. 😉 "
"LabelRadar takes away the pressure of the traditional demo submission process, leaving me more time to work on my music. It's the quickest way to communicate with labels from all around the world & the easy-to-use interface made the daunting task of signing my first track effortless. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their music heard in a world full of noise."
- Hrolfssen
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of (Backup) Monday - Artist Testimonial (3)

"LabelRadar is the best musical platform in establishing connection between producers and labels. The large number of labels allows the producers to search for the labels that is most appropriate for their tracks, and I managed to sign many tracks just through the LabelRadar.

Producers no longer need to send their demos to the labels by email and wait for the reply which is not even guaranteed. I have already introduced LabelRadar to some of my producer friends and I hope more producers and labels join this platform!"
- Elestee

"As an unknown artist, LabelRadar is a platform you simply can't ignore. LabelRadar is user friendly and has helped me get my unreleased tracks to the ears of numerous well known record labels in today's EDM scene.

This far I have gotten 3 tracks signed to record labels throughout LabelRadar. With the track 'Wait For You' being the latest one signed. I now use LabelRadar for all my upcoming tracks! If you want labels to listen to your tracks, LabelRadar is worth it!"
- Dari
Temple Grooves
"LabelRadar is especially great for new artists that don’t have much experience signing with big labels. It puts your music in front of hundreds of labels covering different genres and styles so you can find the labels most appropriate for your music. You get instant feedback so you don’t need to waste time worrying whether your music has even been listened to and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of sending emails. It can also help you find new labels and there are filter options so you can find a label that is the right fit for you, big or small."
- Temple Grooves
"LabelRadar is a secret weapon for indie artists. I signed my first track through their services this year and found a label I consider family. Their anonymous 20 second system benefits everyone because our sound is the attracting force. You're not judged on your image or how many followers you have. The system puts the music first which is how it should be."



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