When will I receive my credits?

As an artist on LabelRadar, you may have questions about when and how you can expect to receive your credits. Here are some common FAQs to help you better understand the process.

Q: When will I receive my credits?
A: Credits are delivered automatically in daily "batches". You should expect to receive your credits by the end of the day, although the exact time of delivery may vary based on your time zone. To confirm the exact date you will receive your credits, simply hover over the "credits" tab in the navigation bar.

Q: How are credits delivered for LITE and PRO members?
A: For LITE members, your account will be topped up to 5 credits on the day of the month you originally created your account if you have zero credits remaining. If you have more than 5 credits remaining, you will not receive an additional 5 credits. For PRO members, all your credits will be delivered in one batch each day on the day of the month you upgraded to PRO.

Q: How many credits does each submission on LabelRadar use?
A: Each submission on the platform uses 5 credits. As a PRO member, you have the ability to skip the queue, giving your submissions priority consideration in the review process.

We hope this information helps you understand our credit delivery process better!