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What happens when I invite an artist to submit?

LabelRadar's 'invite to submit' button is a powerful tool that enables labels to invite artists to submit their tracks directly to their label.

By using the 'invite to submit' button, labels can proactively scout for talent on the platform and build relationships with emerging artists who may not have submitted to them in the past. When a label invites an artist to submit to them, the artist will receive a notification with an invitation to submit a track directly to that label.

Here's a screenshot of the notification an artist receives:

When the artist selects 'View Their Profile' they're
sent to your label profile where they can then send a demo.

This feature is designed to improve the overall discoverability of artists on the platform. It's important to note that each label has a monthly limit of 100 invites to submit, so it's essential to use each invite wisely. By enabling labels to browse an easy-to-navigate database of relevant active artists, they can discover emerging talent and build relationships with artists who may not have submitted to them in the past.