What happens if my track isn't listened to in 30 days?

Not to worry! Your submission will still exist and can still be reviewed - we're committed to making the submission experience as efficient and transparent as possible. If your track isn't listened to in 30 days you get your credits back and the existing submission remains intact.

How long does it take to hear back? Every label or promoter has their own unique review timeline - some daily, some weekly/bi-weekly, and even monthly. With the 30-day credit refund initiative, you can submit risk-free.

We do this to encourage speedy replies and to ensure you're getting the most value out of your credits! Please note only labels and promoters that are actively reviewing music on the platform are shown in our lists (otherwise they'll disappear).

We're constantly improving the platform to ensure that you're matching with the most relevant labels and promoters along with helping make their day-to-day lives as efficient as possible so you can hear back even faster.

30 day listen guarantee