What are Artist Watchlists?

Watchlists are one of the most important tools a label has on LabelRadar. They allow a label to keep track of artists they think they are talented and have a bright future ahead. 

As a PRO artist, the Artist Watchlist feature allows labels to add you to their list of promising artists they would like to hear from in the future, even if they're not ready to sign you yet! So now you'll know exactly which labels are keeping an eye on your music and career development. Plus, when you submit your music to those labels in the future, being a watchlist artist will put you in the spotlight. Your submissions will stand out visually and be sure to grab the label's attention!

If you want to see which labels have added you to their Watchlists, you can upgrade to the PRO membership for more details.

As a label, the Artist Watchlist feature is a powerful tool for you to keep track of the talented artists you are interested in, who have a bright future ahead but may not be ready to sign. With this feature, you can easily add artists to your Watchlist, allowing you to keep an eye on the artist's music and career development. The Watchlist also enables you to see if and when the artist has further tracks available, quickly reference social links, and their submissions will stand out in the future via visual cues.