Do credits work similarly for Pro users?

Yes, credits work the same for both Lite and PRO artists in terms of costing 5 credits per submission. However, there are some additional perks for PRO members that make the process even smoother. With the Skip The Queue perk, your submissions as a PRO artist will rank higher, meaning they'll receive faster responses from labels and industry professionals.

In addition, PRO artists receive 70 credits per month automatically, allowing them more opportunities to submit their tracks and get their music heard. Both Lite and PRO artists take part in our automatic "30 Day Listen Guarantee or Your Credits Back" policy!

Here's an example of the Skip The Queue priority ranking benefit:

So whether you're a Lite or PRO artist, LabelRadar provides you with the tools and resources to take your music career to the next level. Upgrade to PRO for additional perks and more credits per month, or stick with Lite. The choice is yours!