Can I share my remix/upload on socials?

Firstly, thank you for participating in one of our remix contests - we really appreciate you taking the time to remix the track! 💚

It's important to note that the posting of remixes is subject to the unique preferences and policies of label users who launch each contest on LabelRadar. As direct rightsholders of the original song, they have their own preferences for sharing permissions. That being said, we can make the following recommendations:

  • Contact the label/artist to request permission to share your remix. They might say yes.
  • Be aware that others posting their remixes to YouTube or SoundCloud might get removed once a winner is chosen to make it clear which remix is official, as the label/artist won't want lots of unofficial ones detracting from the official remix.
  • Never distribute to Spotify or other streaming platforms without permission from the label and/or artist directly.
  • Mark your remix as a 'bootleg' instead of a remix, and make sure you don't claim to be an official remix unless you win the contest, or are given permission to do so by the label/artist.
  • You are allowed to share your track's LabelRadar link which can be copied via 'Get link'. Some contests may allow you to post 30-second clips to your socials as well.

We hope that helps! Be sure to check out the other contests we have both live now and launching soon on our Opportunities page!